usc film chances....HELP

<p>hey everybody, just wanted to see if i have an actual shot at going to my dream school, usc ;)</p>

<p>here's my profile. critique it if u will;</p>

<p>white male
long island, new york
public hs</p>

<p>sat score: 1390/2030 (new/old)</p>

<p>unweighted gpa: 95/4.0
weighted: 99.6/ i dont even know</p>

<p>ib diploma student</p>

Tri-M Music Honor Society (9-10:Member, 11:Treasurer, 12: Co-President)
International Thespian Society (9: 9th Grade Representative, 10: Treasurer, 11: Vice President, 12: President)
Class of 2007 Executive Board (9:Member, 10-11: 1st Vice President, 12:Member)
All-County Choir Participant: 9-12
All-State Choir Alternate (11-12)
Masque and Wig (High School's fall drama and spring musical):
9th: A Midsummer Night's Dream (Supporting Role-Tom Snout) and Les Miserables (Leading Role-Gavroche)
10th: The Odd Couple: Female Version (Leading Role- Jesus Costazuela) and 42nd Street (Leading Role- Andy Lee)
11th: Steel Magnolias (Production Manager) and The Music Man (Leading Role- Jacey Squires)
12th: The Princess Bride: The Play (Leading Role-Count Rugen)
Lambda Iota Tau English Honor Society (11-12:Member)
Human Development Committee (10-12: Student Representative; This committee is comprised of teachers, parents, and administrators of the School District with one student representative per grade. I was a part of both the Report Card Feedback Sub-Committee and the Classroom Resiliancy Sub-Commmittee)
Peer Mediation (10-12: Member)
National Honor Society (11-12: Member)
New York State Mathematics Honor Society (11-12:Member)
Spanish Honor Society (11-12: Member)
History Honor Society (11-12:Member)
Marching Band (11-12: Member; Bass Drum)
Chamber Choir (10-12: Member; Tenor I)
Vocal Jazz Ensemble (11-12: Member; Tenor I)
Anti-Violence Initiative Day (AVID Assembly: 10 (Actor), 11 (Director
Radio Club (10: Member)
March of Dimes (9-12: Walker)
Tap and Jazz Classes at Anita's School of Dance (9)
Hofstra Univeristy's production of Singin in the Rain, September 2003 (Young Don Lockwood-Supporting Role)
Wendy Taubman's Stars of Tomorrow's production of Chicago (Amos-Leading Role), February 2005</p>

<p>some of these overlap on my creative portfolio, but i have also directed multiple films, two of which were finalists at a film festival for all Long Island students and I received an Honorable Mention from a National C-SPAN Student Cam Documentary Contest.</p>

<p>this summer i also participated in the Screenwriting Seminar at USC's Summer Seminar. Out of 52 scripts, mine was one of 6 chosen to be performed at a "radio show" reading on campus.</p>

<p>please let me know if these are good stats for someone who has a 1st choice production, 2nd choice screenwriting app</p>

<p>idk if this also helps but i have been a waiter at ihop for the past 4 months and every summer before this one, i have been studying theater at a competitive performing arts camp (25-30% acceptance for the musical theater repertory program)</p>

<p>thanks sooo much</p>