USC Marshall or Wake Forest?

<p>Hey guys,
I have narrowed my college search down to USC and Wake Forest and would love to hear your thoughts on these two schools. I have been accepted into USC's Marshall School of Business and I would have to apply to WFU's Calloway School of Business. What thoughts do you guys have on these two schools? Is one better than the other? I live in Southern California and am very familiar with USC but I have always wanted to get a new experience so Wake might be a better fit. Any suggestions?</p>

<p>I also got into the University of Miami with a $24,000 a year scholarship and I am not sure how prestigious a university it is. I like the sports and social scene but academically I am not really sure how it is. Any thoughts?</p>

<p>Dude I think USC is really stellar. Then again, so is Wake. But I think USC is a little bit better and MUCH more selective, so it would look better for post-college jobs</p>