USC Marshall vs. Michigan Ross

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<p>michigan isn’t even ranked in top 500 zip codes</p>

<p>How did you hear from USC already? They have no EA/ED? </p>

<p>Also, @bomerr the number of people you know with a private Jet is the stupidest measurement of wealth I have ever heard of. I know a lot of people with private jets, yet the fact that 1-2 of them come from Mumbai doesn’t make Mumbai a wealthy area, just an area with a huge income disparity.</p>

<p>@bayernmunich31 I applied for merit scholarship and I received one so I was notified of my admission on 1/27</p>


<p>that was just an example. stop trying to nitpick. by every measure I can think of there is a noticeable difference in the types of people I’ve meet here and there. </p>

<p>The bottom line is that I’m sure both areas are wealthy and great places to live so we can all leave it at that. I’m more interested about unbiased opinions on which school I should attend :slight_smile: but thank you for your comments, all of you!</p>

<p>^ both schools are great places to go to but the areas are definitely not; this is why I originally said it all depends on where you want to live. </p>


The OP didn’t ask about living in a random Michigan suburb, he asked about choosing between two very selective and very good schools whose students were preselected for their academic and possibly professional motivation. </p>

<p>Btw, I’m from Orange County, which is anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours south of USC (depending on traffic). It’s a county of three million people. You’ll find all types of people from the fantastically wealthy CEOs to those struggling with homelessness, to those who had it all but blew it on pills and later heroin. There are some fantastically open communities, and others which are extremely cold. Some of the schools are excellent, and others are atrocious. </p>

<p>^ preaching to the choir. I’m well aware of that. </p>

<p>FYI University of Michigan is one of the least selective top public universities. </p>

<p>Selectivity doesn’t take away from Ross being ranked number 2 undergrad business though</p>

<p>^ I would say Haas is number 2, Ross is 3. </p>

<p>Regardless no matter which you goto you will have to work to get your As. Like I said the difference is mainly area and people. Ross will led to good NY or East Coast recruitment, Marshall will led to good LA recruitment.</p>

<p>“both schools are great places to go to but the areas are definitely not.”</p>

<p>We can finally agree on something. Ann Arbor vs Exposition Park/ South Central LA…</p>

<p>“I would say Haas is number 2, Ross is 3”</p>

<p>and USC is ranked out of the top ten…so therefore…</p>

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<p>@rjkofnovi what is USC ranked? I don’t have a US News account so I can’t see</p>


<p>It’s irrelevant. As I keep stressing, in the end it’s all about LOCATION. USC is a very good undergrad business program. It’s number 2 in California (under Haas). It all comes down to where a person wants to live. NY? Go to upenn or NYU. Michigan will get you there too. Want to live in TX? Goto UT Auatin. Want to work in LA? goto USC. It’s all regional. </p>

<p>for the record I am applying to both marshall and haas because I want to stay in CA.</p>

<p>While I agree with your point that USC is a very good undergraduate regional program, there are quite a few national universities that are held in very high esteem everywhere in this country. USC will certainly help you get that job in the LA area, but there are others that will do very well as well. Can’t say it would necessarily work the other way around. To the OP, if you want a degree that really travels well, Michigan would give you the edge.</p>

<p>^ Not really. You think a Michigan Ross graduate would be more competitive in LA because their program is ranked higher on U.S. News? Or in Texas (over UT Austin)? At best they are equal, at worst they are disadvantaged because they know less people in the area and have less local on-campus recruitment. </p>

<p>Actually my point was that a Marshall graduate would be less competitive than a Ross graduate anywhere else but LA. </p>

<p>But a Marshall grad is still competitive, correct? Does anyone know Marshall’s undergrad ranking on US News?</p>

I’m tired of repeating myself</p>

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<p>He makes valid points but rankings are there for a reason and employers do look at them</p>