Using SAT 2 writing instead of new SAT

<p>Any1 know for class of 2006 if we could use SAT 2 writing instead of new writing score.</p>

<p>all depends- for UC's, no. for most other colleges, yes.</p>

<p>i HATE this cant post for 60 seconds rule.</p>

<p>that's what i'm doing. i['m not applying to UC although I live in Cali.</p>

<p>Like adidasty said, most colleges are going to be quite accomodating for c/o 2006 applicants and should take the old SAT II writing. Check college websites or email the admissions offices for more detailed info.</p>

<p>When are they going to be getting rid of the SAT 2 writing? Have they already?</p>

<p>SAT II writing was offered for the last time in January. Many colleges will accept the old SAT WITH the SAT II writing. We were at a Penn info session yesterday and they said this is their policy for 2006 grads.</p>