using statravel

<p>Has anyone had any experience using statravel for flights for study abroad? I have seen mixed reivews on the internet. They seem to have the best rates by several hundred dollars. Just wondering how they can be $400 cheaper than everyone else? Thanks,</p>

<p>We used it once…just to try it out. Second trip abroad for my son, we used SAS and he loved that airline. STA tends to be stuck with a narrow group of airlines and he had a few problems with one of them (United). STA claims you can change your flight details, dates, etc. but we did not try that out…and you still have to pay a change fee. But SAS has slightly more expensive tickets that allow you to change your date, and he will be using that option for sure. So, we paid up front to change the date rather than the other way around. This seemed the best option for someone who needed an “open” ticket for his return. STA says they can help…but they cannot guarantee the cost/fee of changing a ticket, that is the fee the airline would charge.</p>

<p>What is SAS? Thanks!</p>