UT Austin Class of 2025 — Decision Release Date: Mar 1

Let the posts begin for the High School Class of 2021 applying for Fall 2021 at UT!


How long is it taking to get a UT EID after hitting submit? 2-3 days? Is the Housing application portal open yet? We don’t have high hopes at all for admission so trying to decide if I should contribute to the Housing Fundraiser to get a place in line or wait till he gets a decision. I’m afraid he won’t hear anything until February or March.

If you would like to share stats to help Class of 2026 next year:

When did you apply:
Class Rank:
SAT (with Sub Scores)
ACT (with Sub Scores)
When did you receive your admission decision:
Are you an Auto-admit or Review Admit:
Major/College of Choice:

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So my son submitted his UT app after lunch yesterday and by dinner, he had his UT EID. The Housing Portal either isn’t working, is not available yet, and we are doing something wrong. Has anyone else been able to apply for housing?

@Aguadecoco and @Momof3B , aren’t your kids applying to UT? Come join me and see if we can’t get some traction going on here! So much of the Class of 2021 thread doesn’t interest me since our focus is solely on Texas schools.

When did you apply: August 28
Class Rank: 1/1
SAT (with Sub Scores): 730 Math/700 EBRW
ACT (with Sub Scores)
When did you receive your admission decision:
Are you an Auto-admit or Review Admit: Review/Homeschooled
Major/College of Choice: 1st: Electrical Engineering 2nd: Mechanical Engineering

We don’t have high hopes for getting in but throwing his name in the hat anyway!

S21 will hopefully have his app submitted next week! He’s fine tuning the supplemental/short response questions with his college counselor the week. He’s definitely going Test Optional, so he’s trying to make sure every other aspect of his app stands out as much as possible…it’s still a long shot though lol and like you said, not expecting to hear back anything until Feb/March. I’ll report back soon!

S21 is still working on his app.

He is auto admit and probably will apply to Plan II as his first choice.

So it took about 2 days after the application was complete for the Housing Application to become available. I went ahead and paid the $50 Housing Donation/Fundraiser to get today’s timestamp. It said that contracts will be offered starting March 1 for admitted students who have paid their registration deposits. I wonder if that means they will have most decisions out by then?

Is it just $50 I think ? I would … I never thought I would need it but did it anyway , daughter got in after all .

My daughter received her admission today, 24 hours after her class rank letter was processed.
She is an auto admit
ACT 35

@Swammom , Wow!! Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner! You are the first admit I’ve heard of for this year. Congratulations to the whole family! What major?

EEK! I just checked my son’s UT portal and it has changed from “Your application is complete” to now saying “Your application for admission is in review”!!! It is also has a list of Recommended 4 things where as before it only had 3 things. He is a homeschooler and so not Auto Admit so I’m shocked it says it is in review! So maybe it will still stay there for months but at least there is some kind of movement. :slight_smile:

DS is an Auto-Admit to UT. His stats are as follows

Class Rank: 38/1380 (2.9%)
SAT (with Sub Scores) - Not taken (going test-optional)
ACT (with Sub Scores) - Not taken
Major/College of Choice: Math (1st Choice)
Plan 2 or Economics second choice.

My question is - How hard is it to get into Math major as an auto-admit? Is there any place where I can find competitiveness of each major in CNS?

How do I see replies to a post? I see where there replies on posts but I click on reply and nothing…

@babymomma, are you trying to reply to someone? You can tag them like I did you. Otherwise, I think you should just see what people are posting? For instance, no one has responded to @luckybamboo16 yet but I responded to @swammom. Can you see my response to her?

I looked up last year’s thread and the first acceptance was on September 23. So maybe they are getting an early start this year!

@ChillyCow Thank you! Her first choice major is Biology. Additionally she applied to the Dean’s Scholars Honors Program. All the best to your son!

My daughter received her admission yesterday. She is auto admit.

I see her Honors Program applications are in review. What does this mean ? It is so early on to be in review.

@Swammom and those of your students already applied for Honors, can you please check and post, what is the status of their Honors application ?

@OnHill Congratulations to your daughter! My daughter’s portal also says they’re reviewing her honors application. I interpret this to mean her application is complete and ready for review. I don’t anticipate a decision for a few months.