UT Austin class of 2026 admissions

I am in-state auto admit.

when did those that were accepted today submit their application?

Anyone got into Fine Arts?

any RTF decisions come out?

What is mean when it says Bad 1000 data??

what major?

Fine Arts always come in January to February

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Any OOS CS majors in?

For non auto admits, does it still say bad 1000 days on RIS for you? And can you see the $200 amount due?

I submitted on 8/15.

I’m instate and auto admit and I submitted probably around early September.

Any word on OOS RTF yet?

Where to see the 200?

Mine says bad 1000 data and I’m not sure where to see the $200 balance

Log into my status - click on the house button on the top right corner - scroll down to the bottom where it says MyUT - click on MyUT - look to the right where it says “What I Owe” it will either be $0.00 or $200 (if you’re accepted it’s $200)

Just posted a step by step let me know if ur confused

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Thank you

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Thank you for letting me know.
Congrats to everyone who got in. B
Best of luck to everyone still playing the waiting game with me.


Honestly my IRS still says bad 1000 data and the what I owe is 0.00, and it still says my application is in review, so I guess I’ll just keep waiting


My son got into EE.