UVA Admission?

<p>Hey, so April 1st is the notification date for admissions at UVA. It's my dream school so I'm getting really stressed and so I'd love if someone can help me get a good idea of what my chances are so I have an idea of what to expect in a couple weeks.</p>

<p>Here are my stats:
SAT: 1210
ACT: 30 composite
GPA: 4.1
Rank: 1
ECs: Student council, Newspaper, National Honor Society, Piano lessons, Red Cross volunteer (not very many hours at all...), Church nursery volunteer
Ethnicity: part Hispanic</p>

<p>I have no legacy and I am out of state (Ug!)</p>

<p>Anybody have any info???? Thanks.</p>

<p>bookworm, you'd get more responses for your post in the "Chances" section. My guess is as good as the next novice. </p>

<p>Rank: great, URM: helpful, ECs: okay, SATs: so-so (use the ACT if you still can). Leadership? Passion/special talent?</p>

<p>The mods should move this.</p>

<p>But OOS is fickle, though your race will help.</p>

<p>Yeah Hispanic means your (partly) underreppresented minority. That and your Valecdictorian status bumps you up. Other than that, not much leadership or that great EC's and your ACT could be a couple points higher...
I wouldn't TOTALLY bet on acceptance</p>

<p>U have a decent chance. I also applied there but my gpa is lower and my sat is higher. But your Hispanic status will help cuz UVA really cares for affirmative action. </p>

<p>Good luck</p>