UVA vs Virginia Tech for Engineering

<p>I'm not so worried about where I'd get in at the moment, more which school would be better suited for me. (Long Story..) My question really is which school do you think would be better for me out of these two options? (Naturally I am considering other options too.)</p>

<p>Desired Major: Mechanical Engineering
Desired Minor: Business</p>

<p>In My eyes pros and cons of each school.</p>

Pros: - Nicer campus
- Prefer the people there
- Better overall school
- More recognized in Europe (might return there after college, another long story)
- Closer to Home
- Just generally like the feel of the college more</p>

<p>Cons: - Weaker engineering program
- Said to have a more theory based engineering program, less hands on.</p>


Pros: - Better engineering program, more hands on
- Better facilites for e-students
- Better Food</p>

<p>Cons: - Further away</p>

<p>Now from the list it does seem like virginia is coming out way on top, but naturally I weigh the quality of my selected major relatively heavily.. so this leaves me in a difficult situation. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>Thanks guys</p>

<p>As a Virginia resident, cant say youll lose with either choice!</p>

<p>I would go to UVA. Virginia Tech's engineering program is ranked well largely because of its size, which ironically isn't a good thing. The fact that Virginia Tech is much lower on the graduate engineering rankings testifies that it is not that much better in engineering than UVA.</p>

<p>a virginia degree is leaps and bounds better than a tech degree. while you may get more hands on training from tech, I think you'll find that if at some point you decide not to do engineering (in or after college), virginia will be the better choice. If it means anything, virginia engineering grads make more than tech engineering grads out of school.</p>

<p>not that tech is a bad choice for engineering!</p>

<p>all of this is good advice, that was another of my considerations.. I feel like if I choose to drop out of uva engineering I'm still at a great school, however at vt their general programs are not up to par with the e school.</p>

<p>Don't get me wrong though, I have many friends in the engineering program; its a rigorous program.</p>

<p>I know, but I'm really math science biased and I've done some summer camps, so I'm pretty confident with engineering..</p>

<p>Keep the replies coming, I'm surprised no one has gone for tech yet, from research on this board it seems that is the chosen school.</p>

<p>Hoos. That's all.</p>