Vaccine reluctance

This is similar to the story I posted under Vaccine Hypocrisy. In that case they were more well-connected and able to secure a bed in CT (from FL). What a price to have to pay for refusing such a simple solution. I’m sorry for your friend.

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One has to wonder when these folks’ followers will wake up and realize they’ve been duped:

I’ll admit shedding no tears when I read about how much misinformation he projected - loudly projected. Whether it’s right or not, “Good riddance” came to mind, though in reality I wonder if it’s better if they survive after a really bad case and start preaching the truth to their followers.

He was a pastor. 'Tis tough for me to imagine God telling him, “Well done good and faithful servant,” at least as it aligns with Covid misinformation. I wonder what his flock is thinking now since they likely preach what those around here do that, “God will protect us.”

ETA: I googled. He was only 62. He likely wasted a bit of his life with his stance.

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Add his name to the list. Caleb Wallace, H Scott Apley, Marc Bernier, Dick Farrel, Phil Valentine, Pressly Stutts, Joe Manning. Surprisingly most of these people were defiant to the end. I was really hoping Phil Valentine would pull through. At the end, he was telling his followers he was wrong and to get the vaccine. His wife and brother went on the airwaves saying Phil regretted what he did and that he may have hurt some of his listeners who might not have gotten the vaccine because of him. They were also pushing people to get the vaccine. It seemed he would have used his platform to try to convince people, and people in his own party, to get the vaccine, but sadly he was not given the opportunity. So many people with certain political beliefs say the vaccine kills more people than COVID. I have started compiling this list and now ask these people who they can name that has been killed by the vaccine, because here are some who died from the virus. I have not received a name back in return.


The story you posted was definitely on my mind as I read about my FB friend’s stepson’s saga. Only it had quite a different trajectory.

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Hopefully his story will have others getting in line (figurative, since there isn’t a line anymore) to get vaccinated if they aren’t.

It galls me to think they felt he was worthy of cutting in line to get a bed. He opted to take his chances and drew the very short straw. May his death have value to his friends by showing them the truth of what’s out there.


Thanks for the link.

Excellent. It really explains how these vaccines work and why they are so much better than immunity through contracting covid. I wish every vaccine reluctant person would listen to this. They’d get vaccinated tomorrow if only they took a little time to understand facts.

Well, they didn’t state that they wanted to cut in line, that was my interpretation. They knew there were wait lists for the beds, and they were begging people who might have “influence” in the medical field to help them get him an ECMO bed. So while they might not have framed it that way in their own minds, that was essentially what they were doing. They were desperate to save their husband/son.

At the end of the day, I doubt many people who get the ECMO treatment actually survive. If you are in need of that technology, you are really REALLY sick. The ones who survive probably have permanent lung damage and poor quality of life.

ETA: I looked up the survival rate for ECMO and it’s actually better than I had thought. Survival rates increase for those who have not been on the vent very long compared to those who had been on it for more than 7 days.

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Saw this challenge to NY’s health care worker vax mandate:

Covid, of course, doesn’t care what religious beliefs one has.

I hope the mandate stands. If one isn’t willing to get this vaccine during a pandemic due to religious reasons, they shouldn’t be working in health care with patients IMO.

Time will tell what happens though.

I saw a headline that said 1/500 Americans has died of Covid. It seems that was pure numbers (deaths/population) so it’s not just calculating from those who caught it. It’s been around for < 2 years.


Survival 40-50%

I saw one article where a prominent QAnon anti-vaxer died of covid. So of course what did all their followers do? They issued death threats and harassment at the doctors and hospital for not curing him with ivermectin.

All 8 hospitals in our city were under EMS Bypass on Monday night, meaning none of them were able to take emergency transport. It was a dangerous cocktail of burdened ER rooms, few hospital beds and short staff. No one could remember a time in the past that this happened.

This lasted overnight - in the morning a couple of the 8 were again able to accept a few patients.

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To me this is the super scary part. What if I’m in a car that hits a deer?


One has to wonder why this group bothers with hospitals and doctors at all since they know they’re all part of the conspiracy. Just get Ivermectin at the feed store like so many others have been doing.


I live in a highly vaxxed, pretty healthy city which means I wouldn’t normally worry about a shortage of ER rooms or ICU beds.

However, we are now hearing every day about how states or counties with shortages are sending their patients to states and counties like mine.

Thanks to the vaccine, COVID doesn’t scare me quite as much as it used to. Now I am scared that we will need emergency care or surgery unrelated to COVID and there won’t be any beds for us.


When I read about patients going to CT for ECMO, I immediately thought about how the locals have been doing everything right, which is why there are hospital beds available in the area, and how upsetting it must be to see the influx of COVID-positive patients (and presumably their family members) to their area. I feel for you and yes, it does affect your access to care now.

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Don’t know about others, but I plan on listening to this Fridays meeting. This is (unfortunately) starting to sound like a turf war between the CDC and FDA.


theres another reason that beds may be available: it is a slow or no growth region. Many older cities are over-bedded relative to their populations vs the newer high-growth communities.

I wouldn’t be worried about hitting a deer. I’ve hit deer and my car has always won. But understand about a car accident.

But how about a heart attack that my neighbor had last week. Or a stroke, where immediate intervention makes a huge difference.

How about the kid who’s appendix burst because the ED was so full they couldn’t see him and transferred him to a pediatric hospital but not before the appendix burst.

How about those who have been waiting for an organ transplant, an organ becomes available but there is literally no IUC for them to recover.

I think you get my gist


We have to worry about hitting a moose. We did it once and we’re lucky to be in a huge Tahoe. We might not fare as well in our Escape.

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