Vaccine reluctance

I’m disappointed that this thread will be closed. I think vaccine hesitancy is very much a relevant issue. Why not start a part 2?


Completely agree, but there may be people who are willing to deal with that. I was just trying to illustrate the point that the original comparison wasn’t really a fair comparison.

With the exception of such outlier hermits (I know one person who has not stepped outside of their yard in more than a year!), the original comparison is a fair comparison because it applies to the vast majority of people. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @CCAdminMike! I have been critical in the past so I want to publicly give praise for how CC has handled the thread and it’s closure. So nice!

@mom60 I don’t think CC would stop anyone starting a new thread on this topic if they would like.


Since covid-19 looks like it’ll become endemic the odds of someone unvaccinated over time catching it will continue to grow. It’s not a one and done risk, ironically partly due to vaccine reluctance.

Of course playing devil’s advocate, I’d say people will have to keep getting boosters increasing any unknown risks.


Well, for the past year plus I’ve been working in an office, shopping, vacationing, socializing outside and dining outside. I wear an N95 mask and take sensible precautions. I feel very safe. It looks like nothing will be changing in the foreseeable future as my family and friends who are vaccinated are not living any differently. My office is not changing any protocols either.


Was your mom vaccinated @compmom

Anecdotal experiences are not statistics. :slight_smile:

I don’t wear N95 mask, but mask up if I am going to be in close proximity of others or indoors, have traveled on airplanes in the past 6 months, go to stores, etc. I felt safe, especially with my ability to work remotely, but I chose to lower my risk of getting Covid even further. I firmly believe in statistics.


McDonalds, Uber and Lyft join in with the effort to help get people vaccinated.


Most people who think they are wearing an N95 mask are not.

A true fitting N95 will be very tight. Your face will be marked up when you remove it. I doubt many people are willing to wear an authentic N95 for an indefinite amount of time when one can get vaccinated and wear a simple surgical mask or high quality cloth one.

But a fair amount of “vaccine reluctant” are also of the belief that masks don’t work, that COVID has been completely overblown, that deaths have been exaggerated, that a vast conspiracy has been perpetuated. So no amount of evidence that the vaccine is safe will ever convince them to take it.


Ditto… It’s not like Covid nor the vax issues are over. Anyone not caring to read a thread on the cafe has the option to skip it.

I like reading the differences of opinion. It helps me better understand the world and others in it.


We want to encourage new and fresh discussion around specific topics. @mom60 If you’re going to start a new one, I encourage you to think about how you want to discuss the topic in a way that hasn’t been covered before. What new question or perspective should be addressed? Be as specific as you can with your OP. This will help keep the thread focused.

What we want to avoid is duplicate general threads that address the same general topic. (Then we might as well leave this one open). If you are unsure if your idea for a new thread is different or fresh, feel free to reach out to a mod for feedback - they are happy to provide guidance on starting discussions.


Thanks @BunsenBurner! I also read this on Derek Lowe’s blog about the supply chain and manufacturing process of mRNA vaccines - fascinating stuff. Hopefully the new CC will let me link to the blog post:


Good to “see” you @scout59! Thanks! If you are interested in what sorts of PK testing was done for the lipids, there is a fascinating document that includes some extensive data:


And the very real possibility of spreading it to someone else…


Some of us can take precautions and be quite safe.

But there are a many people, like my elderly MIL who has cancer and a severely compromised immune system, that have to go to doc appts, chemo treatments, and to the hospital.

We all need to do all we can to protect others, not just ourselves.


Even the best of us can’t avoid other people forever. At some point, everyone has to go to the doctor, there are some things that are unavoidable and can’t be done remotely.

If I was unclear, I’m absolutely agreeing with you!


i will say there are new ideas popping up this week, with vaccination for kids - and yet the thread is closing. I have appreciated this thread, and I’m glad to have had a place to discuss this from a national anonymous perspective this week; not just within my small suburban midwest perspective. I’m still unsure/reluctant about my 15 yr old. but the rest of my family – YES! it’s done!


Yes, I suppose there is a possibility for me to be Covid positive, asymptomatic, wearing an N95 mask, socially distanced and spreading Covid around. Pretty sure even Fauci would say the possibility is miniscule though.

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You are not alone in your reluctance with your younger one. I know several people who are in the essential worker jobs who ran to get vaccinated, but are weary for their kids. With the kids back in school full time and okay as long as they have masks, they don’t really want to jump on getting one.

At 15 I would take their thoughts into consideration. If they had questions, I would find trusted/vetted sources to help them.