Vaccine reluctance

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I am very happy with the patience of the moderation team on this subject.

Although I feel that there may be more to say on the subject, lately it has been a rehashing of the same thing. With the same people entrenched in their positions.

Imo it has run its course. Unfortunately.


Although there was reluctance or hesitation in people getting vaccinated since the vaccines were released, it really didn’t matter much in Jan-April because there were so many people who needed and wanted the vaccine, some had to go to the end of the line and why not have it be those who were reluctant?

Now that we are nearing the end of those first lines, society needs to convince those who are reluctant to get in line. The next few weeks will have a surge from the 12-15 year olds, but then we’ll be back to needing new blood.

I’ve picked up a few tips to convince my reluctant kids to get in the line. Still working on them. Also working on a family I’m working with on a court case. They are all reluctant, and they really need to get vaccinated as they are a very social family so in constant contact with many households. Reading on this thread has helped me understand why some are reluctant and come up with reasons for them to get on board.


I haven’t gone through the entire thread, but I have not seen much about those who have had Covid-19 and how people feel about those folks who may be vaccine hesitant. There have not been a lot of cases of multiple Covid infections and I have not really seen any data on how infectious those who have antibodies from infection might be post-Covid. The people who I have talked to with the most resistance with getting vaccinated have already had Covid-19 and have no urge to get vaccinated.


While it is understandable that those who had COVID-19 may be in less of a rush to get vaccinated (especially when there was a shortage), there is evidence of benefit for those who had COVID-19. has this image in the interactive graphic:

In the bottom left, before vaccination with the first of a two dose vaccine, the “Blocking of Binding of Receptor-Binding Domain to ACE2” for those with recent history of infection was quite variable (blue dots). After three weeks after the first dose, it was quite high. For those without recent history of infection (brown dots), it went from almost none to highly variable three weeks after the first dose (which is presumably why the second dose is specified for those vaccines).

Note also that those with recent history of infection had antibody responses to the nucleocapsid protein of the virus. These antibodies do not neutralize the virus, but have been implicated in antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), which can make a second infection worse if the person did not generate enough neutralizing antibodies against the spike protein.

Granted, second infections are still uncommon (and probably mainly affecting those with the weakest neutralizing antibody responses), though it is possible that new variants may mean that those with lower but still adequate neutralizing antibodies against the “classic” strains may not have enough against the new variants that partially evade those antibodies.


Maybe a new thread would be allowed that deals specifically with 12-15 year olds?

Such a thread about “COVID-19 and vaccination for age <= 15” would not necessarily be limited to vaccine reluctance among that age group or their parents.


Here is a thread for that subject:


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Would a chance to win $1 million make the reluctant less reluctant?

Ohio’s governor announced today state will be giving $1 million to people who have received at least one dose of a vaccine (one a week for 5 weeks). Also giving 5 full ride scholarships (tuition, room and board and books) to any Ohio college to those under 18 who also have received at least one dose.


Excellent. I was going to start one.

Am I the only one moved the slider on the left to 919, and it wasn’t Mike’s post? Since I’m not going to spend time hunting it down without a post number search anymore, I think I remember he said that newcomers would have a hard time with a long thread. While that may be true, sometimes I think the current posters should be accommodated. Jon did not like the mega-threads, and it seems that this is still CC’s stance?

That being said, there is a lot of crossover between this thread the covid and science thread.

It’s there for me, post #919.

Would you post which site you follow? I used to follow one, but then it appeared to stop updating. I did find another one, but I may be missing a better one. Thanks!


It’s a lottery in Ohio…everyone isn’t getting a million dollars or free tuition!

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