Vaccine reluctance

I understand that. Which is why I said “one a week for 5 weeks” with respect to the $1 million. And “giving 5 full ride scholarships.”

@lvvcsf I live in Ohio too. Was surprised DeWine announced yesterday that health orders (other than those for nursing homes and assisted living facilities) are being lifted June 3. He set the metric several weeks bacl for removing health orders at two week incidence rate of less 50/100k population. Yesterday it was 123/100k. So Ohio isn’t there and it doesn’t seem likely it will be there by June 3 but who knows I suppose.

The odds of winning the $1 million for someone in Ohio who is vaccinated are better than winning the Ohio lottery. And better than odds of winning $1 million in MegaMillions. Even if everyone in the state gets vaccinated by the drawing dates (which won’t happen). Plus you don’t need to pay $$ for a ticket. I agree it will be interesting to see what effect it has. Its better than some of the giveaways for getting a vaccine because it includes those who had already gotten a vaccine (doesn’t incentivize holdouts).


I live in Ohio. This move by DeWine disgusts me - and human nature to think that it takes a million dollars to coerce a person into getting vaccinated. 1K wouldn’t be incentive? 10K? Nope, a million. Using COVID relief $$$ to serve the greedy, not the needy.

The college tuition for 5 lucky teens. Fine. But the million really turns me off.

Last comment perhaps on this thread! - thanks to the mods for the communication and explanation of why this thread will be closed. Regardless if warranted, I appreciate the transparency and also the encouragement to start additional threads with a somewhat similar but DIFFERENT twist or angle.


The lottery thing rubs me the wrong way too. Yes we want folks to be vaccinated but it feels like bribery and rewarding people for waiting.

H’s company has given up trying to incentivize folks for getting the vaccine. They tried for month to make it as easy as possible - on site vaccine clinics, paid incentive, time off, etc… Still not working. The only thing they’ve done that has moved the needle at all was to get rid of their paid time off covid policy.

I would have been happy with a free donut!


Right? DeWine also encouraged businesses to do those “free this for that” enticements. Our local brewery offered a free mug in exchange for an onsite vaccination. Line was down the street!

Beer, donut, gift card by an employer - fine, though it still floors me that if someone is adamant that they don’t want the vaccine that a reward would turn the key for them.

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I just rewarded myself by getting a treat!

I’m afraid that’s the way H’s business will have to do it too–no work/ no pay. They gave excellent incentive (100 buck gift card) and almost but not all took it. They made it super easy for employees to get the vaccine. That very, very few are a real problem. H is just waiting for the vaccine to get full approval before the hammer comes down on them. Not every business is waiting that long.

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Our HR said they won’t consider making it mandatory. They made it so convenient for us. They brought the shots to our employer’s health clinic, you were allowed to get your shot while on the clock, and gave you two freebie sick days if you had side effects. Still, HR said only 30% took the shot. I am very grateful my office is 100%!

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We are already hearing about some companies near us mandating the vaccine for their employees.

H’s company is posturing that they’ll not mandate the vaccine but because it’s readily available to everyone, if you get sick, you need to use your sick/vacation time and won’t get extra. They are not relaxing their policies around temp checks, masks, and sending people home if they appear sick but if you come sick. Until now, if you suspected you had covid or were positive, the company was giving extra covid time off that didn’t impact sick/vacation time.

That would normally work but when your business includes meeting elderly people you can’t afford to not have your employees vaccinated (at least anyone in direct client contact).
I’m still aghast that nursing homes allow anyone in their employ to not have the vaccination. Perhaps that will change.
Most of the elderly (around here anyway) have been vaccinated but knowing their immunity may not be as strong even if vaccinated is a real concern.


My husband was talking to one of his employees. He is not vaccinated and has no plans to do so.

He went on and on about all of these “people” he knew who died right after they got the vaccine.

We have a young neighbor who is a type 1 diabetic, rheumatoid arthritis and a smoker. Was not careful, did not wear a mask and had no intention of getting a vaccine.

He has Covid, has a temperature of 104 and is very very sick.

Why? Frustrating


My H’s employer isn’t mandating the vaccine, but if an employee chooses not to get it, they will be barred from certain events, subject to frequent testing etc.


Seems like that’s what colleges that aren’t mandating vaccines are saying too.

Just found out that an acquaintance (a former hospice nurse of all things) whose H has CA (who can’t get the vaccine presently) has no plans to get the vaccine. Nor her kids who visit from another state. No masks when visiting. No nothing. I’m floored. What gets to these people?


I think for those who have already been vaccinated no incentive was needed. There are plenty for whom no incentive is enough. The goal is to motivate those who might be on the fence to get the vaccine. For $5,000,000 you could pay 50,000 people $100 to get vaccinated or 100,000 people $50 and only get a small fraction of Ohioans who are currently not vaccinated, vaccinated. Will the "lottery’ have a greater impact? That’s what I’ll find interesting. It’s outside of the box thinking so we’ll see. I admit that it is pandering to baser instincts. We’ll see if that works.


That is true with lotteries though. Rather than $200 million to one person, why not $1 million to 200 people? But people participate in the bigger drawings. That generates the interest/excitement.

So if you have a lottery with 100 people getting $10,000 or 1,000 people getting $1,000, you may not get the same interest.

Ohio’s vaccination rate is behind that of the national average. Daily first vaccines have been 30% or less than the one day high at the end of March despite having more age groups eligible. We are in unchartered waters here. Whatever incentives work (within reason) should be pursued. Not sure if this one will work. We shall see.

Giving people cash for getting a shot now or sporting event tickets for getting one before the game does create incentives for people to wait. People who are already vaccinated do not get the $$ or the tickets. People will remember that when/if its time for booster shots and will be encouraged to hold out for rewards.

Ohio’s lottery does not do that because people already vaccinated are included. Not just people who get a shot from yesterday forward.

I think it also makes sense to relax restrictions for the vaccinated. If there is no benefit to getting a shot (still have to wear masks, stay distanced, avoid indoor public spaces, etc), many people (particularly the young) will see no reason to get a shot.

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I am not sure how I feel about the lottery, but a monetary incentive has been working. Many grocery stores and Amazon are giving ~$100 to each employee that gets vaccinated.

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Interesting concept to ponder. I’m not a lottery (ticket) person to begin with. I suppose time will tell re: # of new vaccines in the coming weeks. I hold strong to the fact that $1 million five times is BEYOND.

And @saillakeerie I’ll stay :zipper_mouth_face: on relaxing restrictions. There is PLENTY of benefit to getting a shot that is non monetary. And I’ll also hold strong to the fact that I see someone needing ANY benefit beyond human health and safety as a disappointment in human behavior.

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I agree with this with respect to the vaccine. Plenty of bene
fits beyond $$, tickets to sporting events, relaxed restrictions, etc. But we humans are diverse group with different views and perspectives. We are also all flawed in our own ways. Not everyone shares our views about the vaccine. We could lament that and talk about how we can change it (and happy to do that). But that won’t likely change many minds at least not in the near term. So I think the dual attack makes sense. While we are trying to change human behavior, lets get more shots in arms.


Amazon is offering the $100 bonus to new warehouse and delivery employees to encourage hiring. Unfortunately they are not offering anything (as far as I know) to HQ desk employees.

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