Vanderbilt Admissions Regular Decision Fall 2022

Applying regular decision to Vanderbilt in 2022? This is the spot for the future class of 2026 to ask questions, swap stats, and share news and admissions updates with others applying to Vanderbilt.

How do your stats compare to the students accepted last year? Take a look at the info below and then share your stats, activities and more.

Vanderbilt 2021 Admissions Statistics
Mean Unweighted GPA 3.9
Admitted Students in Top 10% of Graduating Class 89.6%
Admissions Test Policy Submitting test scores is optional
Applicants Submitting SATs 44.8%
Applicants Submitting ACTs 56.4%
Waitlist Yes

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Hi…does anyone know when the Ingram Scholarship Finalists are notified and when the interview weekend is typically held?

not sure about the Ingram Scholarship Finalists timing. Has anybody heard if students have been interviewed recently for Vandy RD as I heard about quite a few interviews for ED applicants in the fall but has been quiet since then?

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Have RD Fall 2022 applicants received interview requests or notifications?

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when will the regular decision be released for Vandy?


Officially “by April 1”. Last year was March 29 so likely sometime around then in late March

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My son applied for RD in October 2021, still waiting for his interview notification? He did check the interview requested box in his application (via CommonApp).


same situation for my daughter. My daughter also sent an email to Vanderbilt admissions a few weeks ago asking if they were still doing interviews for RD candidates but they did not respond. I assume they have cut off interviews given the lack of responses.

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My daughter just got an email offering her an interview this week. She scheduled it for next week. Does anyone know if they are informative or evaluative interviews?

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I believe it is a bit of both, but overall the interview seems to carry very little weight in the admissions process. My son had his interview a week ago and the interviewer asked him all sorts of probing questions about his academics, extracurricular activities and general interests. I say “probing” but is was a very friendly light exchange. The interviewer also was eager to answer any questions he had about Vanderbilt and his experiences going to school in Nashville. My son said the interviewer did take notes about their interview and did tell him that he would be submitting a report back to the school the next day so, if my son forgot something he wanted to say he could email him so he could make sure new information could be added to his note for his admissions file. The interview is such a small piece of the admissions file so, my advice would be to have your child bring a few remaining questions they would like to know from an alumni and just be themselves. Good luck!

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I do admission interviews for Vanderbilt Law School which is different of course. But for the law school, I believe the interviews are more of an opportunity for the applicant to ask whatever questions they have from an alum (which I am). I do fill out an evaluation after the interview, but my sense is that it bears little weight on the admission decisions. To the extent this is helpful (or not).

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In its Common Data Set, Vanderbilt has 4 choices for a variety of criteria; Very Important, Important, Considered, Not Considered. Interviews are labeled as “Considered.”

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Accidentally posted on wrong thread— oops!

D22 had her Interview this afternoon and said it was the best one she’s ever had. She felt like she really connected with her interviewer, learned a lot about the school, and got excited about Vandy. Who knows if it will impact her admissions decision, but it certainly amped up her interest in the school.

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This is good to hear. My daughter had an interview with Duke last week and it did the opposite. The woman almost bashed the school leaving my daughter to feel confused about her decision to apply. I wonder if Duke would be happy to know that their alumnae was not really selling the school to candidates. :slight_smile: :roll_eyes:

I contacted Vanderbilt and they shared with me that they have a shortage of interviewers. Should I be worried that I am not receiving one? Is it a bad sign for my admissions chances?

My DD22 applied RD in October and requested an interview and still has not been contacted so assume it will not happen. We are hopeful that the lack of an interview does not matter.

No interview here either. We are not reading anything into it and assume it is because we are in the West.


Applied in October, still waiting, RD

same here