Vanderbilt Fall 2020 Transfer Thread

Sloane Stuart

My admission counselor first said that they could not read my 12th-grade transcript. But after my response, she said that my decision was not on the first wave even though I submitted my application on March 3. How ridiculous!

@vanessabrandon same thing happened to me but with my official transcript

Any guess on when the next wave will come? Last year it was two weeks after the first wave…

@JeanSs I was thinking the same thing. However, last year and this year have been quite different. It may be worth taking into consideration the deposit date for the first wave applicants is next Thursday 5/28

Hey guys! I’m about to decline my offer from Vanderbilt. It’s a great school, but I just can’t justify going there over other places when they aren’t giving housing.

My suspicion is that they will get a lower yield because of the housing situation and (possibly) accept more people. Just my theory, though. Best of luck, and I hope there’s another wave of acceptances!

Just an FYI for everyone deciding, my son contacted the other schools where he was also offered admissions and they are also saying they are not guaranteeing transfer housing for the fall. At least Vanderbilt was up front about it as opposed to the other schools who said nothing in their admissions letter and only told us when asked outright.

I GOT INNNNNN FINALLY SOME GOOD NEWS FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE GEEZ…okay but the off campus housing policy sux

@mlplover69 When did you get in and what school? Did the 2nd wave come out already?

Accepted. Got an email 20 minutes ago. Lol who would’ve thought.

apply to 7 schools… 6 said no. All you need is ONE YES! I GOT IN :slight_smile: Congrats to all the other admitted students. To anyone who didn’t get in, keep grinding all you need is one break. :slight_smile:

How do we join the admitted students chat that was set up?

@Transfersssss got an email at 5:54pm EST for College of Arts and Science

@Transfersssss I also applied to College of Arts and Sciences, my email notification came in like 25 min ago. it didn’t go to my main inbox though

Accepted for CAS (Pub Pol) today. 3.75 GPA from a T40.

I just got in CAS as a rising junior

Can’t believe it… I had a 2.6 GPA in my junior year of high school and I worked so hard ever since to make up for it.

Congrats to everyone!

Hi!! Can someone email me the group me? My email is

can someone PM me the groupme? also wondering about when we get our degree audit

hi!! @eeaadd22 can you email me the Group Me link? My email is

Was that the second wave? Does that mean we are gonna have to wait another week? x(

Could somebody please email me the groupme link? Trying to figure out what the roommate situation is for transfers since we gotta live off campus