Very unique situation. Great credentials, but should I look for a job or grad school?

<p>Hello CC community,</p>

<p>I am posting on here because I am wondering whether I should just get a job and take the offer of some compay after college, or if I should try to get into grad school?</p>

<p>You see I started off my career as a classical pianist, I was accepted into a very prestigious music college, the Florida State College of music, for classical piano. However, I found out that I did not want to do this as a career. However, I WILL graduate with a minor in music for classical piano. However, I played so much piano freshman year, that my gpa dropped from a 3.65 to quite a low amount. I changed my major to chemistry, and I ended up with a 3.2 after a year of chemistry. Now I am studying economics and my gpa is at a 3.1. I could graduate next semester after taking econometrics but I have been advised to take both paths of economics, so I entered the "applied economics" program, which if I decide to finish, will take me and extra 1.5 years. But by doing this I am eligible for a special masters program in applied economics. The advisor has told me that they used to accept anything above 3.0 but that it has gotten competitive.</p>

<p>Is it worth it for me to try and get straight A's still with about 1.5 years to go? Do I have a chance of getting into graduate school with my credentials? I aced chemistry, B in chem 2, B in bio for majors, basically, my gpa is low at 3.1 cuz I got a bad grade once in music theory and oceanography(although I retook the music theory of course and did fine). I will be graduating with a minor in music for classical piano, and quite possibly, mathematics as well. Will these things even be taken into consideration? The music minor is quite a feat after all, but should I be looking at improving my grades and getting into grad school? Or should I be looking at finding a job as some kind of analyst once I graduate with the economics degree? </p>

<p>I realize a 3.1 is about an 86% grade. So it is not the prime, so I am not considering top tier schools. I'm talking about getting into ANY graduate school basically, preferably the comfortable option of staying in Florida. IS it worth my time? Sure I might raise my gpa to a 3.3 or even 3.4, but for practicality lets just say my gpa remains at the steady 3.1 it is at now. What kind of effect would a good GRE score have? Will a company care that I actually did other things during college other than read books? Or do I actually have a shot of getting into my State Universities masters program?</p>

<p>Any answers and support would be appreciated, it's been quite a strange and rollercoaster type of ride here at Florida State.</p>