Virginia Tech Class of 2025 — Decision Release Date: Mar 1-15

That’s a scenario where I completely understand “casting a wide net” strategy.

Living in NC, it’s definitely been a selective year, but I have a feeling VA has been a lot tougher as a whole. Schools like App State, UNCW, etc have acceptance rates equivalent to the former VTech acceptance rate, and so far this year, most people have still been getting in, unlike VTech.

UVA has also made some odd choices, waitlisting high stat applicants (including our school’s valedictorian). These are kids with a lot of accomplishments, in addition to very high grades/scores/rigor. It’s disconcerting.

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Son gave up his spot. Although he loved VT and received a small merit amount, many other great schools came in 10-20K less per year. Unfortunately with 1 already in, and one right behind him, COA is very important. We were hoping they would come a little closer to EFC. Good luck to everyone!


I’m wrapping things up with #3, so I hear ya. Good luck to your son!

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Just came off the wait list. Where should we look for the financial aid package?

Hi. Those who have been accepted off the waitlist, how were you informed? Thanks.

Son got an email saying “update to your admission status is available”

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What Major? and are u In State or OOS?

20 is excessive, but we did apply to 10.
Note: None of them were ivy league. They were schools ranked 50 to 110 (per US News anyway). The goal? See offers.

Offers have been varied enough where this $600 (a few colleges had no app fee) was a very smart move. D2 was offered varying amounts from private engineering schools (WPI, RPI, RIT), and the offers do not align with the school’s rankings or reputation, which is interesting as the best offer (net cost) was from the hardest of the 3 to get into. She also applied to a number of public schools similar to Virginia Tech (Michigan State, Purdue, Miami, Oregon and Utah). The offers here also varied. In the end, one of the state schools offered 25K off of tuition per year, making it very affordable.

Some people apply to 20 schools because they are trying to win the lottery. That isn’t us. We were applying because you may not get those great offers if you only apply to 4 schools. So we may have spent $300 to save 60K

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CS (engineering), OOS.

anyone in here accepted to University studies (undecided)??? I’m currently waitlisted for university studies and I’ve applied early decision and have been waiting ever since.

Everyone has different application approaches. Applying to more than 5 schools is not so much shocking as it is prudent when applying to highly competitive, impacted majors such as engineering, especially during the unpredictable application cycle we all find ourselves in this year. This, coupled with our cut-short college tour plans due to covid, left my son at application time with a long-ish list and still conflicted on large vs. small school, urban vs. rural school. 5 schools would not have been a wise application strategy for him.

After receiving his decisions, he is grateful to have some very solid options, some with nice merit, and he has had the time to gather more information to better inform his choice. If I said back in the fall “pick 5 and that’s it” he would not be in such a good spot right now. It was worth the extra $ in application fees for our family and the time and effort on the extra supplemental essays for my son. (He didn’t apply to Harvard by the way :slight_smile: ). We also had I think 3 schools that waived the application fee? But I can understand how others might feel differently, or be in a situation where a small number of applications (or one ED app!) is the way to go - that definitely was not us! Good luck to your son!


We drove down from NJ and walked around campus, bookstore was open, cafeteria. It was worth the drive to see it. Where in NJ are you. Have you decided on VT. Would love to talk to someone from NJ, we are having a hard time deciding

Great to hear! We are heading down on Wednesday. We toured two years ago, but definitely need to see it again to see how it lines up against the other two top choices that we just toured this week. .My son is also having a very hard time deciding. We had already deposited at Penn State and now he is wavering between PSU, VT, and UD. We are from Morris County, how about you? Have you joined the parents Facebook groups? I have found them very helpful. I asked a question about how NY/NJ kids get back and forth from VT and got over 100 responses from helpful parents. It seems like a great community.

Hi, We are also from NJ and just visited the campus over the weekend. Great campus and we were able to meet with few of the students. Son is very happy with what we saw/heard and close to committing soon. Looks like Amtrak from Trenton/Roanoke is a good option to travel to/from vtech. There is a shuttle to Vtech from Amtrak station to campus.


Anyone get accepted from waitlist for public health?

There are also plans to extend Amtrak to Christiansburg, which will be awesome. They’ve been talking about it for years, but I think new infrastructure funding may be earmarked for it, so hopefully soon.

Hi, let me know how your son likes it! I have not heard of the Facebook group, I will check that out, thank you! We are south from you in Burlington County, near Voorhees.

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Anyone here from Vegas?