Virginia Universities

<p>I know that the University of Virginia at Charlottesville is one of the most prestigeous public universities in the United States and the flagship school for the commonwealth of Virginia.</p>

<p>I am curious how the other univerisities in the commonwealth are perceived.
Is Virginia Tech still considered second behind Charlottesville or has George Mason surpassed it? Where do VMI and James Madison fit in terms of perception?</p>

<p>Just wonderin'</p>

<p>Uh, neither VTech nor Mason are second. That honor definitely belongs to William and Mary. </p>

<p>Mason's enjoyed a boost thanks to last year's NCAA tournament, but I think overall it's still below VT.</p>

<p>PS: People call it UVA. I've never heard anyone add Charlottesville to the end.</p>

<p>or Wahoos...</p>

<p>I'd go:</p>

<p>University of Virginia
College of William & Mary
Virginia Tech
George Mason</p>

<p>I apologize for forgetting about William & Mary...mea culpa, mea culpa.</p>

<p>Is VMI considered a major player among Virginia universities or is it such a specialized institution that it is in own classification?</p>

<p>I'd go, in overall quality/perception for undergrad (not including LACs like Hampden-Sydney, Randolph-Macon, Washington & Lee, which I am lumping VMI into also..all very good schools but different from the major schools):</p>

<p>Tier 1
1) UVA
2) W&M</p>

<p>Tier 2
3) Richmond
4) VT
5) JMU
6) Mary Washington</p>

<p>Tier 3
8) VCU
8) GMU
9) CNU
10) ODU</p>

<p>You could probably make a case for Richmond in Tier 1.</p>

<p>I'd probably rank them something like this</p>

virginia tech/mary washington/jmu/george mason - although i am under the impression that gmu is a heavy commuter school...not that that affects its reputation, just an observation. I could be completely wrong</p>

<p>then you have a slew of other universities like ODU, CNU, VMI, VCU (great med school), VSU yada yada...</p>

<p>Khipper, beware the nonsense of rankings.</p>

<p>Clearly, a UVA education is excellent, as is William & Mary. However, for the sciences, Virginia Tech is stronger than UVA in some specific disciplines. For overall undergraduate quality, Washington and Lee University is superior. Sweet Briar, Hollins (both for women), Richmond, Lynchburg all have a strong small Liberal Arts college appeal.</p>

<p>also be aware of the so called "stronger departments" at lesser overall quality schools.</p>

<p>for example, virginia tech's engineering department is pretty much considered it's best department - and UVa's is often called second rate. However virginia engineers earned on average $6000 more than tech graduates in engineering first year out of school last year. I'm sure it is the same in the other sciences. a uva degree, imo, is the most valuable degree you can get out of that state.</p>

<p>similarly i don't think you can say that w&l offers a superior undergraduate education - theres no evidence that shows that. </p>

<p>of course, you'll get a fine education at any of the top tier virginia schools - i just don't think you'll find a <em>better</em> education at any of them than UVa.</p>

<p>And would that hold up for Biology/Wildliffe Conservation, Ecology graduates of UVA also? I'll answer my own question. No, the stronger graduates in those fields would be from VT, typically. And is UVA undergrad "better" than W&L? Nope. Anything you hear different is just UVA snake oil. LOL.</p>


<p>UVA = big school / University - public - less personal attention
W&L = smalll school / LAC - private - lots of personal attention</p>

<p>both good academics - but apples vs oranges in many other ways - so essentially - to each their own.</p>

<p>I think JMU is 3rd best actually. Everyone agrees on 1 and 2. JMU, Richmond, and POSSIBLY VA Tech are tied for 3rd but id give JMU a slight edge. Wash & Mary are 4th id say</p>

And is UVA undergrad "better" than W&L? Nope. Anything you hear different is just UVA snake oil. LOL.


<p>As opposed to a W&L proponent on an internet message board who offers nothing to back up his or her claim?</p>


<p>i never said that a UVa undergrad education was better than w&l. infact, i put better in quotes to mean that there are schools as good in virginia - but not better than UVa.</p>

<p>w&l doesn't offer anything that UVa doesn't - so I don't see how it can be better than UVa.</p>

<p>and of course - if you want to do something that isn't offered at UVa then than its not the best choice. However Virginia Tech doesn't offer a wildlife conservation/ecology major either - so i don't see how that makes any sense.</p>

<p>also - i really don't understand this whole "personal attention" thing. I get plenty of personal attention when i ask for it/need it. its not exactly a hard thing to come by at UVa if you want it.</p>

<p>Also, I'm not attacking w&l. I think its a great school - and truly one of the better LACs. Its no better than UVa however...</p>

<p>...didn't a member of the faculty at George Mason received a Nobel Prize (Economics, I think) a few years back?</p>

<p>GMU has two Nobel Laureates, but IIRC, both did the work that got them the Nobel Prize at other universities. Mason was just smart enough to snatch them up. ;)</p>

<p>Jags, you need to read, or re-read, the VT catalogue regarding wildlife, fisheries, ecology and conservation studies.</p>


<p>when i care enough about wildlife, fisheries, ecology, and conservation studies, i'll take note. is it weird that i'm not ashamed...or even miffed by the fact that uva doesn't have those programs?</p>

<p>regardless, pointing out a program that uva doesn't have vs. a program at tech that i'm sure is extremely small (and doesn't really sound like the smartest people go into it) doesn't strengthen any point you've made so far. i simply pointed out that a degree from techs "hallmark" engineering program is worth on average $6000 less than UVa's "2nd rate" engineering degree to graduates. I think that puts the 2 schools in perspective to potential applicants. tech's "best" isn't as good as UVa's "mediocre."</p>

<p>What in tarnation is your point? Did anyone say that UVA is dreadful? If you can't help the OP with information, please don't cloud the discussion.</p>