Vtech, Penn State, Pitt Chances

<p>I am a junior from a highly competitive pennsylvania high school planning on applying to PSU, Pitt, VT, Purdue, Maryland and Michigan State for Engineering (Possibly Agricultural or Mechanical). </p>

<p>GPA: 3.3 unweighted
SAT 1350/1600 1990/2400</p>

<p>Junior Year:
Honors Physics
Accelerated Analysis
Accelerated English
Honors World History (Humanities, Gifted Program)
Honors Engineering and Robotics</p>

<p>Senior Year:
AP Physics 1,2
AP Calculus AB
Accelerated English 12
AP Psychology
AP Statistics</p>

Marching Band Brass Section Leader, First Trombone
Symphonic Orchestra, First Trombone
Symphonic Choir, Bass 2
Concert Jazz Band, First Trombone, Best Trombone Section Award
Pit Orchestra, First Trombone</p>

<p>Varsity Track and Field for Javelin, Shot Put and Discus</p>

<p>First Place in Penn State Firefighting Robot Contest for the High School Division</p>

<p>Yearly Mission Trips to WV, NC and Maine
Over 100 hours of Community Service</p>

<p>Nearly everyone in my family went to Penn State</p>

<p>Get your SAT up by 100-200 points if you can, and you're in at any of these places. Also, do well with your APs next year, that rigor might help your chances.</p>

<p>Depends on your race. If your a URM, your in at all. Otherwise, Purdue could be a <em>little</em> challenging, as could VTech</p>