wanna be a doctor, biology of science major, need to know what classes to take before

<p>So yeah, I want to get into the College of Natural Sciences at the University I want to get in and then go to Medical School after that</p>

<p>the major is biology, the science one</p>

<p>now I'll have at least 54 credits by the time the fall semester is over and try to transfer in the spring; I've already taken all the required basics besides Government II, which I'll be taking this fall semester; but I only have a 3.3</p>

<p>basically what I'm asking is that I need to take some easy classes so that my gpa will go up, but I need to know which easy classes to take</p>

<p>and also are there any certain classes that would improve my chances of getting in for this major? (I can't take Calculus yet so that's out of the question)</p>

<p>thanks in advance guys</p>

<p>If you're aiming for medical school, easy classes are not the way to go. Admission committees are well aware of the strategy to boost GPA with mick courses, and they can spot it a mile away.</p>