Warm-weather universities with good merit?

I’m currently looking for an east-coast university with warm weather that gives good merit to out of state students.

Looking to pay $15k or less a year.

Preferably Florida, South Carolina, etc.

I have a 4.3 weighted GPA and 1470 SAT score.

Please please please comment suggestions.

Are you still a junior? Keep chugging away at that SAT and try the ACT, try getting it a bit higher for better options. What is your UW GPA? Major?

University of Alabama.

Baylor, U Houston, Texas Tech, UTD, UNT, A&M may work well if you are interested in warmth and merit, a strong shot at internships and jobs is an added bonus in Texas.

Unweighted GPA?

Depending on unweighted GPA, there may be some full rides:

Prairie View A&M
Alabama A&M

@sparklesemi How did you do on the PSAT? You’ll be awarded large merit in FL with a great score.

If you prefer the smaller LACs, the choices in Florida include two public 100% honors colleges, New College of Florida in Sarasota and Harriett Wilkes Honors College in Jupiter. Wilkes covers Cost of Attendance (COA) for Benacquisto scholars.

NMF get the large merit in FL (COA at public schools and 2 privates) but just having a ‘great score’ gets you nothing from the state.

Benacquisto covers COA at most Florida public schools, including New College and Wilkes


My UW is 3.83 and I am undecided

UW is 3.83

3.83 meets the GPA threshold, and 1470 SAT meets the test score threshold, for these full rides:


What about OOS tuition waivers for Florida or South Carolina universities? Could I possibly qualify for those?