WashU Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

I was as specific as I could be with a 200 word limit. SAT was over 1500.

Those 200 words were rough! My Mom pointed out to combine ‘Wash’ and ‘U’ and that saved me :sweat_smile:

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My daughter also has a professor reach out from Arts and Sciences. Not sure if it’s a good sign or just standard for all ED applicants.

This wait is killing us!!

Anyone hear a potential date for ed decision? I know they said by dec 17 but idk if anyone has heard something more specific

I applied ED and haven’t received anything :sob::sob:

For those who had professors reach out what did they say? Was it via email? My child definitely did not receive such communication :frowning:

That happened with my daughter at an ivy last year(RD not ED), but she still got rejected…so do not read into too much yet.

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I looked up last year’s cycle and ED decisions came on out on Monday 12/13/2020. My guess is that they will release any time that week???

Wow, that stinks. Seems they really shouldn’t have professors contacting applicants until acceptances are released. It only only makes a stressful time more stressful :frowning:

Current WashU freshman here. Best of luck! I am rooting for all of you, this school is incredible

We heard Thursday 12/9 but not confirmed

Oh shoot, I hope so. I can’t wait another day lol

Where did you hear that from?

Our advisor said she heard whisperings but nothing solid

I think it is true – it has been updated on the College Kickstart blog and they are usually accurate. Good luck!


how reliable is college kickstarter? would decisions really come out earlier than last year?

Not sure, Lana S! I’m waiting too! Let me know if you here anything!

I read (not sure if it is true) that 2020 was the outlier. That traditionally ED1 decisions have come out on the Thursday before finals or the 2nd Thursday in December, which is 12/09. I guess we’ll know when we know…

it’s today im pretty sure now cuz the portal has changed a bit

how did the portal change i don’t see a difference on mine