<p>Can anyone tell me about Washington State University?</p>

<p>It's no Oregon. Really small town--hard to get to.</p>

<p>My sister chose to go there over UW for some reason but she seems happy. It is in the middle of nowhere a few minutes from Idaho and has some fairly strong programs. It's considered a party school for good reason so It'd definitely be a fun 4 years. Generally it is where the UW rejects go. It is a good school though.</p>

<p>Like most universities, WSU has some execllent departments, such as hospitality management, communications, and education. The area of southeastern WA where WSU is located is called the Palouse - sharply rolling, verdant hills that are quite beautiful. Horizon Air flies into the Pullman airport, which serves both Pullman and Moscow, ID, where the University of Idaho is located ( just 8 miles away). Yes, it's a bit removed from the crowds, but with two universities so near each other there is a critical intellectual and fun mass making for a great college experience. A visit would help you decide whether it's for you. Good Luck!</p>

<p>Well I'm interested in the sports management program and i'm wondering if the school has connections with the seahawks.....also what is the atmosphere like? Is it laid back and how big is the party atmosphere (I'm hoping it is huge)?</p>

<p>sorry to sound, ignorant but it seems like its white people heaven....this coming from a hispanic.</p>

<p>Barrons, is that all you have to say about WSU?</p>

<p>FSU-UF, what do you base your opinion on ("...seems like...")?</p>

<p>I prefer UO. Sometimes I am busy and don't write long responses.</p>