Wellesley ED chances

<p>I am an international american student applying to wellesley under ED...can you guys pls tell me wat r my chances? thnx!</p>

<p>GPA: 3.45
SAT II math: 570, sat II us history 550
SAT 1: CR 550, Writing 620, math 570
EC: write for egypt's best selling english magazine, horsebackriding for 6 years, volunteered for race for the cure best cancer, volunteered at children's cancer ward, community service for three years at an orphange, did some speech and debate, french lessons, arabic lessons, some tennis lessons, president of 2 clubs
great teacher recs., great counselor rec, great interview, good essays
extremely rigorous schedule...almost all IB and AP classes</p>

<p>Pls give me your opinion you guys, I really need feedback!!!</p>

<p>SAT scores and gpa are a bit too low, but your ECs are great. Could go either way. Wellesley is also a good feeder school for Yale.</p>

<p>thanks...do you think i actually hav a chance though...i heard that ppl are more likely to get accepted if they apply under ED</p>

<p>please give me feedback...i am so nervous and i will be notified in 10 days!!</p>

<p>your SAT's make it a reach but your EC's are great and I think you really have a shot. Good Luck!</p>

<p>thanks vicki!</p>

<p>does anyone know how many students applied ED this year???</p>