'wellness' colleges

<p>which colleges have the least smoking, drugs, drinking, etc.? It may seem weird but I dont like being exposed to those enviornments.</p>

<p>BYU, Any religious school....This is a pretty rediculous thing. If you cant take any of that, I weep for your future. You're screwed.</p>

<p>no..you didnt get my point. I really dont care if people do that in front of me but i just dont like/prefer it and it feels safer when ur not around a bunch of psycos.</p>

<p>Check out Liberty. Although, it all depends on how you want to define psychos! Is a college student who drinks a psycho?</p>

<p>For more of a compromise, look at any college that has sub-free dorms. There will still be stuff going on, yeah, but you can have a dry dorm and meet people who perhaps share your views.</p>

<p>momofwildchild-I was talking about drugs.</p>