What am I more suited for - NYU CAS or Barnard? (ED) Also, fashion EC question!

<p>All my life, I've been wanting to do art. It's been my passion since childhood and I was convinced I'd do it in college as well. Recently, art has been bringing me down. I no longer enjoy it. Interestingly, new subjects in school have sparked off interests in various fields like English Literature, Women Studies, History, Sociology, Pyschology etc.. all related to the Humanities. I got 84% in my first term in the 11th grade and 79% in the second. I now realize that I want to study Liberal Arts, not Art. I'm thinking of applying to NYU CAS, early decision, but since I've realized so late, I'm not sure if I'll get in. I am not doing the IB. I haven't done any APs. So technically, I realize I wanted NYU in the beginning of 12th grade. Am I too late? This is my plan: (is it good enough?)</p>

<p>1st term 11th: 84%, 2nd term 11th: 79%
1st term 12th: 85% (target), 2nd term 12th: 80-85% (target)</p>

<p>SAT 1 score: practice tests tell me around 2000 to 2100
SAT 2 English literature: practice tests say 710
SAT 2 Biology: practice tests say 700</p>

<p>If I do AP English Language, English Literature, Psychology this year (senior year) and get 4 predicted grade for each? </p>

<p>Extra curriculars:
1) Dramatics/theatre - (8th grade to 12th grade) - production, costume design, sets
2) Interned with graphic design house (Summer 2009 and 10)
3) Interned with fashion designer, article about it appearing in a magazine
4) Squash (7th grade to 12th grade)
5) Writer and help in production for Spectrum, the school's political magazine (12)
6) Writer for the school newspaper (12)
7) MUN press (12)
8) Music festival's sponsorship committee (?) (11)
9) Art exhibited at Tao Art Gallery (9, 10, 11, 12)
10) Helped styled shoots for a magazine</p>

<p>I know there's a lot of art and fashion-oriented stuff on my EC section, but it's one of my passions, one that I don't take frivolously like some girls. But I'm more interested in writing, etc. So should I include all that at all or just eliminate it? Does it make me look stupid or does it make me seem unique? </p>

<p>So with this.. should I apply ED NYU CAS or Barnard? I'm really confused! Where do I have more of a chance? </p>

<p>Qualities wise, I'm creative, a lateral thinker, a natural leader, I like to voice my opinions, I have an interest in human rights, child rights, womens rights etc. I'm dedicated to what I do.</p>

<p>Suggestions? I'm going crazy!</p>




<p>I feel that you should apply to both! Your extracurricular list is quite varied--and what I would do if I were you is express this epiphany when you're writing your college essays--how your love of art segued you into your passion for writing. Writing is in itself an art form, and certainly one you seem to want to explore. I do think you would have a great chance in both colleges if you write slamming essays that dazzle the admissions officers. Not an easy task, I know all too well. I applied to both colleges recently, and like yourself, only realized recently of my love of English. My goal is to become a fashion journalist when I grow older, and I am praying that NYU and especially Barnard accept me. </p>

<p>But enough about me! Oops :) You seem quite the competitive candidate if I do say so myself! Best of luck on your college endeavors, and I do believe you are a junior since you are posting this after deadlines. I wish I were that motivated, and had college plans that early!</p>