What are HIS chances

<p>Hey my friend who is a rising sr in high school has a list of schools but is unsure where he can get in. I'm helping him throughout the process... logically I figured you all could be of insight too.</p>

<p>Intended Political Science, Economics, or History major(s)
GPA: 3.7 unweighed
Rank: top 14%tile
ACT: 28
My suburban HS in Indiana (competitive at the top... sends about 2-5 students to "top schools" each year. A lot to IU, etc.)</p>

<p>Sr year: AP Gov, Honors Spanish 4, AP Comp/Lit, Physics, Calculus </p>

<p>5 AP Classes all together, a rigorous schedule but not strong in math related areas</p>

<p>ED Cornell (obviously not a good shot)
Northwestern (reach)
NYU (reach)
Colgate (lower reach)
Macalester (lower reach)
George Washington University (lower reach)
University of Michigan (if he applies early I think it's a match)
Indiana University (safety)</p>

<p>My criticism is that it is too top heavy but he would be just as happy at Indiana should the other choices not work out.</p>

<p>Wow. You don't say?</p>

<p>Colgate, Macalester, Michigan and NYU would be low reaches. GW would be a matche. Indiana is a great safety. Cornell and Northwestern are reaches.</p>

<p>Tell him to apply to Cornell ED. </p>

<p>Although it has ivy league status, it's admit rate is ridiculously high for a school of its caliber. I believe the ED acceptance rate is 43%. Your friend's ACT is on the lower end and his class rank is mediocore. It's a big strech, but his shot will be the greatest if he applies early. Northwestern also has a high early decision acceptance rate. However, your geographic location may be desirable for Cornell.</p>

<p>Good Luck!</p>