What are my chances at Cal State Long Beach, University of Southern California and NY

<p>I am a sophomore in a Connecticut High School going into 11th next year. My GPA is around 3.75-3.8 unweighted and a 4.38 weighted. I am president in one club, possibly two. I am also a lead volunteer at Yale Hospital, volunteered for over 160 hours and I am a full-time writer for two sports websites. I take all honors classes and one AP class. I plan to double major in Finance or Economics and Journalism/ Communications. What are my chances at these schools?</p>

<p>Why Cal State Long Beach? Your stats seem pretty competitive. Assuming CSULB has finance/econ and journalism/communications, just like USC does, then my advise is to not get so caught up on specific majors, like "finance". Looking at schools that only offer "finance" will limit your options. If you're drawn to So Cal, a good school that might suit your interests is Claremont McKenna College. They have a finance concentration, offer Econ, and I believe Journalism/Comm as well.</p>