What are my chances at Johns Hopkins, GWU

<p>Hi.. im seeking to transfer</p>

<p>Maryland Resident</p>

<p>Rutgers New Brunswick Freshman
12 Credits
3.6 GPA
1 class withdrawn from first semester
some EC's
work study</p>

<p>High School Stats
3.6 GPA
1110 CR/Math

<p>chances for</p>

<p>1) University of Maryland-- College Park ** First choice
2) GWU
3) Johns Hopkins
4) UConn
5) Univ of Maryland- Baltimore County
6) SUNY Binghampton</p>

<p>any idea, totally honest, great!</p>

<p>by the way top 10 % of high school class</p>

Univ of Maryland- Baltimore County


<p>This is by far a safety, don't worry. It's a teir 3 school.</p>