What are my chances at these UCs and others?

<p>wat r my chances at these colleges:

<p>weighted gpa: 4.01 (sophmore and junior)
got one C too during sophmore year ---- =(</p>

<p>AP COMP SCI - 4
AP BIO - 4</p>

<p>took PSychology at comunity college and got A (if that matters!?)</p>

<p>SAT II chemistry - 730
SAT II bio - 780
SAT II math IIC - 800</p>

<p>SAT I (m 780, v 690) - 1470 </p>


<p>which is better <em>quick question</em>.. For ucsd tech muesum volunteering or hospital volunteering =)</p>

<p>and then lets see </p>

<p>CSF - 20 hours
other stuff - 10 hours
INTERACT - 10 hours
tech muesum - 40 hours</p>

<p>im trying to get into hospital but is that better than tech muesum ?</p>

<p>and then
VARsity TEnnis 2 years (didnt do it freshman)</p>

<p>peer tutorial - 100 hours (im trying to figure out if this counts cuz i did this during freshman year)</p>

<p>thnx guys</p>

<p>... and please be honest</p>

<p>bump please help</p>


<p>UCB: Slight Reach
UCLA: Slight Reach
UCSD: Safe Match
UCD: Safety
UCI: Safety
Duke: Slight Reach
JHU: Slight Reach</p>

<p>kool thnx a bunch any other feedback?</p>

<p>i wanna get into a good premed school? any schools around match? i know ucsd, jhu, and duke are any others?</p>

<p>bump please help</p>