What are my chances? BU, NYU, etc.

<p>What are my chances for these schools?</p>

<p>Boston University
New York University
Northeastern University
University of Connecticut</p>

<p>Majoring in Finance or Entrepreneurial Studies.</p>

<p>Academic Stats:</p>

<p>GPA- 96 +/- 1 point</p>

<p>SAT's (retaking either reasoning or subject):</p>


<p>Verbal: 660
Math: 610
Writing: 680</p>

<p>Subject: Took on Nov. 4, scores not back yet. I don't feel I did too well on these though</p>

<p>Math II: estimated 500-600
Literature: estimated 500-600</p>

<p>Project Lead the Way (4 year college engineering program)
College credit at RIT for several of these PLTW courses</p>

<p>Extra Curricular, etc:</p>

<p>Concert Band (1 year)
Jazz Band (1 year)
Lacrosse (2 years)
Rec football (1 year), basketball (3 years) (many years previous to high school)
Boy's State
Gifted and Talented Program
Student Government (4 years)
DECA Involvement (2 years)</p>

<p>Business/work experience:</p>

<p>Started own computer repair business.
Started own mowing/yardwork business.
Started own ebay business selling customized silicone wristbands, electronics, sports memorabilia.
Sold silicone bands with school sports team name in school store as well.
Held a job for the past 1-2 years.</p>

<p>Community Service:</p>

<p>Relay for life (6 years, had my own team for 1 year)
ALS Walk (3 years)
Americare's Homefront (repairs houses for less fortunate people)
Red Cross Blood Drive
Week long trip to NYC working in soup kitchens
Week long trip to Mississippi for Hurricane Katrina relief (upcoming)
Donated portion of school wristband sales to Muscular Dystrophy research.</p>


<p>anyone have any input?</p>

<p>I think if you really do get the scores that you are expecting for the subject tests, you should retake those. And I pretty much have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to chances, so yeah...</p>