What are my chances for Bentley Graduate Admission

<p>I am currently a student at Southern New Hampshire University. I am on pace to graduate with a BS in Accounting in Spring 2009. I am already looking into grad schools and found my number one preference, Bentley. I currently have a 3.73 GPA with a tough schedule. I have done the VITA program, which is a course where students do tax returns for both residents and non-residents. I am on pace to graduate in 3 years instead of the normal 4 by doing extra classes during the summer. I have planned an internship for the summer and possibly a second next spring. I am also a tutor at my school in both Accounting and Economics. I have taken practice GMAT tests and feel that my score will be in the 580 - 650 range after a little more preparation. Does anyone know if I could be accepted into Bentley's MSA program directly after graduating? Any advice to help me get improve my resume to get accepted would also be great.</p>