What are my chances for entering BU CAS?

<p>Hello CCers,</p>

<p>I'm currently a senior with the following credentials coming from a public high school:</p>

<p>GPA: Weighted 4.36/5.4 scale, Class rank 15/365 top 4% of class
SAT: CR 550, M 740, W 590 = 1880/1290
SAT II: Math II 790, U.S. History 700, Physics 610, Chemistry 720
AP: AP U.S. History - 4</p>

<p>Senior year courseload -
AP Calculus AB
AP Computer Science
AP Statistics
AP Chemistry
AP Modern European History
AP English Literature and Composition </p>

<p>All my senior grades are mostly A's with one or two B's except for AP English; I have C/C+'s in AP English. I don't know how much of an impact will my AP English have on admission decisions from my mid-year report. I've started taking AP English this year from an honors English course so I don't know if they'd be lenient or harsh about the grades.</p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities:</p>

<p>Math team (11, 12) - 11th & 12th grade- one of the few top math members in the school's team, 12th grade - math leader of the team</p>

<p>Academic Decathlon (12) - A-starter for the school's team. The team made it to the state competition for this school year.</p>

<p>Chess Club (10,11, 12) - A member and above average player in the school.</p>

<p>Science Olympiad (12) - A member of the Science Olympiad team.</p>

<p>Volunteering (10, 11, 12)- worked in local hospital, and other community organizations (accumulated 200+ hours over the period of time)</p>

National French Exam school awards - 9th grade (1st place), 10th grade (3rd place), 11th grade (1st place)</p>

<p>2009 AMC 12A - 81.0 (It's low, but I had the 3rd highest score for my school.)</p>

<p>What are my chances of being accepted to Boston University under CAS?
If I do get accepted to BU, what are my chances for entering the CAS Honors program?</p>

<p>If you can't even break 600 on the CR/W sections of the SAT, why on earth would you take AP English? You'll probably get in, but still...looks like there's some grade inflation at your HS.</p>

<p>I took AP English for a few reasons.
1. Our schools have a rigid schedule regarding AP courses. For AP courses, there are only 1-2 classes with the exception of AP history courses. Since all my other courses were AP, I fell victim to the rigid schedule and had no choice but to take AP English. I didn't feel like giving up an AP course on my schedule.</p>

<li>Because I knew that my skills for English classes in general were mediocre, I wanted to find some way to remediate my deficiency. So I thought, "Hmm... Maybe I should challenge myself by taking AP English." I had felt that my Honors English course was fairly easy (after receiving A/A+), so I thought it was time that I should advance. Also, having an honors English class among all my other AP courses would have probably sparked skepticism among college admissions officers.</li>