What are my chances for these school?

<p>I have applied to four of these schools so far, and am mostly done with the rest of my applications:</p>

<p>Lewis and Clark
University of Vermont

<p>I am a white girl from Minnesota. My unweighted GPA is 3.6 and my weighted is about 4.0. I got a 33 composite on the ACT, and if you superscore my best scores were 35 English, 33 Reading, 32 Math, 31 Science. </p>

<p>My transcript is:
(in my district Enriched (enr) is like honors)</p>

<p>9th grade:
Semester 2 HEALTH 9 A<br>
Semester 1 ENR LANG ARTS-9 A<br>
Semester 2 ENR LANG ARTS-9 A<br>
Semester 1 ADV ALGEBRA B+<br>
Semester 2 ADV ALGEBRA B+<br>
Semester 1 ORCHESTRA-9 A
Semester 2 ORCHESTRA-9 A<br>
Semester 1 PHY ED 9 A<br>
Semester 1 ENR PHYSICS B+<br>
Semester 2 ENR PHYSICS A-<br>
Semester 1 ECON PRINC 9 A<br>
Semester 2 ECON PRINC 9 A<br>
Semester 1 GOVERNMENT 9 A<br>
Semester 2 GOVERNMENT 9 A
Semester 1 SPAN IIB-9TH A
Semester 2 SPAN IIB-9TH A
Full Year World Language SPANISH III Passed (Credit by Assessment)</p>

<p>10th grade
Semester 1 FST A-<br>
Semester 2 FST A<br>
Semester 1 Phil Orchestra A<br>
Semester 2 Phil Orchestra A<br>
Semester 1 Enr Chemistry B+<br>
Semester 2 Enr Chemistry B+<br>
Semester 1 AP Euro History A-<br>
Semester 2 AP Euro History A-<br>
Semester 1 Enr Spanish IV B<br>
Semester 2 Enr Spanish IV A- </p>

<p>11th grade
Semester 1 Draw-Paint I A<br>
Semester 2 Draw-Paint II A
Semester 1 AP Amer Lit A<br>
Semester 2 AP Amer Lit A<br>
Semester 1 Precalculus B+<br>
Semester 2 Precalculus B+<br>
Semester 1 Symphony Orch A
Semester 2 Symphony Orch A<br>
Semester 1 Enr. Biology B<br>
Semester 2 Enr. Biology A-
Semester 1 AP US History B
Semester 2 AP US History B+<br>
Semester 1 AP Spanish V A<br>
Semester 2 AP Spanish V A<br>
Semester 1 Enr English 10 B+<br>
Semester 2 Enr English 10 A </p>

<p>Total Attempted Credits: 88.00000
Total Earned Credits: 90.00000</p>

<p>My current (12th grade) classes and grades are:
Organic Chemistry A
AP Environmental Science B-
AP Calculus AB A-
Teacher's Assistant (I am doing this for a Spanish teacher since the Spanish class I was going to take this year was cancelled)
AP Comparative Government A-
AP World Lit A-
Next semester I am taking AP Psych instead of Organic Chem and AP US Gov instead of AP Comp Gov.</p>

<p>I do a lot of extra curriculars. I am captain of the speech team, a president of our school's Amnesty International chapter, a member of our environmental club, chair of my church's youth committee, a member of a committee through our city, and a life-long girl scout. I've never had a job but my summers are busy with interesting things like camping and traveling. I also have lettered twice in community service (120+ hours each) and lettered twice in speech.</p>

<p>I'm fairly confident that my teacher recommendations will be good.</p>

<p>What are my chances? I tend to fret a lot and I'm anxious to see where I get in. I applied to Lewis and Clark and University of Vermont early action, and at UVM I was a VIP candidate.</p>

<p>I think you have a chance at all of your schools! You are absolutely in at UVM! Good luck!</p>

<p><a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/1232794-final-chance-thread-will-chance-back.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/1232794-final-chance-thread-will-chance-back.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Lewis and Clark: Safety/likely
Grinnell: Likely reach
Skidmore: Safety
University of Vermont: Definitely safety
Bates: Doing an interview should increase your chances
Bowdoin: Reach
Colby: Likely reach
Carleton: Likely reach</p>

<p>I'd say that you're good :) From what I can tell your stats greatly exceed those at University of Vermont.</p>

<p>I've interviewed at Lewis and Clark, Bates, and Bowdoin. And I've visited everywhere but Skidmore and Grinnell, but I'm going to visit those soon.</p>