What are my chances for University of Florida?

<p>I'm a Florida resident. I have a 3.5 unweighted and a 4.0 weighted. My SAT score is 1980. I've also been in band all four years of high school, and I've worked. What are my chances of getting into UF?</p>

<p>Pretty good shot, SAT is on par with their standards and depending on your strength of schedule, a 4.0 UW could be rather impressive. Are you in the top 10% at your school? </p>

<p>Band is a good EC, as it shows commitment, talent, and leadership.</p>

<p>I am just another UF hopeful myself (cannot wait until Friday!) , will you chance me if I can post my stats?</p>

<p>Well, hope to see you at UF! <em>chomp!</em>
Good luck.</p>

<p>I'm 74th in my class. And I've taken honors and ap classes all through high school. I wrote my essay on band leadership so I hope that helps.
I can't wait until Friday! I'm holding my breath. Definitely. Post your stats.</p>

<p>Actually, to make it easier for you I just bumped my old thread to the top of this forum. heh.</p>