What are my chances in getting into these 0-6 pharmacy colleges?

<p>Hi, I'm going to be a senior this September and all that I can think about this summer is whether I'll get accepted into any pharmacy colleges. Im considering applying to:</p>

<p>St John's
Rutger's-(hopefully New Brunswick)
Albany College of Pharmacy</p>

<p>My highest Sat score was 1860 with a combined score of 1920. and my ACT is 29. my weighted average is 97.84.</p>

<p>do i have any shots getting in?
Please respond!! It's very important to me!</p>

<p>Please respond!! I'm going to be applying soon!</p>

<p>Your SAT is pretty low when compared against your GPA. </p>

<p>What are your ECs? It's hard to say without that information. NU would definitely be a rejection though.</p>

<p>by ECs, do you mean extracurricular?
I'm in:
Science Club
Math Team
Sadd Club
Environmental Club
Fragments (thats the school literary book club)
Habitat for Humanity
World of Difference
Art Club
Science Honor Society
English Honor Society (secretary)
Spanish Honor Society
National Honor Society
Art Honor Society</p>

<p>I also participated in competitions such as:
Poetry Out Loud
Long Island Math Fair (recieved silver in 9th and gold in 10th)
Science Olympiad
Canon Envirothon
LILt Competition(spanish)
MAA American Math Competition</p>

<p>I also volunteered at the local hospital NUMC and worked for 211 hours
I also currently work at a podiatry office doing secretarial work and basic PA tasks</p>

<p>Please respond!</p>

<p>Match for all...I'm applying for them as well and by the looks of their 25-75% scores...You stand a good chance.</p>

<p>Question-I don't know about the Albany College. How does its program compare to the others?</p>

<p>St John's - Accepted
Northeastern - SAT too low.
Rutger's-(hopefully New Brunswick) - SAT too low.
Albany College of Pharmacy - Accepted</p>

<p>ok thanks, but what if i just send in my act score would i stand a chance? im going to retake it anyway.</p>

<p>I am applying to albany because its in state, im not too sure what the program is like. i set it as a safety school as a back up.</p>