What are my chances in the Ivies?

<p>What are my chances of getting in to the Ivies? What other schools should I be looking at? BTW, I am applying regular decision..... Here are my stats:</p>

<p>College wish list:
Boston University

<p>Rank: 12/440
Credits earned at end of senior year: 40
SAT: V620 M 700
SATII: Bio E 710, Math IC 720, USHist 610
Average: 97.25 (weighted)
Race: Hispanic (Peru)</p>

<p>Senior course load:
AP Chemistry
AP Government Politics
AP Calculus BC
AP Macroeconomics
Physical Education
Mythology A, B
Music Theory
Concert Band

Choir(10-12)- Student Conductor(12), Tenor Section Leader(12)
Concert Band(9-12)- Principal Oboe/English Horn(12)
Marching Band(9-12)- Drum Major(11,12), Student Conductor
KHS Television Studio(9,10)- Director, Floor Manager, Anchor, Camera
French Honor Society(11,12)
Spanish Honor Society(11,12)
National Honor Society(11,12)
Musical Theatrics(10-12)</p>

New York All-State Mixed Chorus Member(11,12)- Tenor II
New York All-State Band Alternate(12)- Oboe
New York All-State Band Alternate(12)- English Horn
Highest Academic Average Award for French(9,10)
New York State Band Directors Association State Honor Band(11,12)- Oboe
Many Area Allstate Festivals and All County festivals
Ulster County Youth Wind Ensemble(12)- Principal Oboe/English Horn</p>

<p>My question is: What are my chances to get into the ivies being that I am an extremely talented oboe player who is also hispanic, keeping my stats in mind? Please respond...</p>

<p>The 1320 is going to really hurt your chances. But... Since you're a minority and have a talent like the oboe, you never know.</p>

<p>I'd say you're a definite reach for any of the Ivies though.</p>

<p>Try Penn, they love international students, at least I assume that. Besides you may as well try all your reaches that you love, you won't get in if you don't apply.</p>