What are my chances of applying to Institut Le Rosey and/or other top boarding schools?


I’m planning on transferring to a different school, I want to study the IB program and wanted to know my chances of being admitted into Insitut Le Rosey. I’m finishing up my 9th grade and I currently study the Ontario Curriculum at a Canadian School. I will be applying for the 10th grade. My grade this year and last year is 90.6%, it should be a 4.0 GPA if I am not wrong. I’ve been on the honour roll (you need 85% + to be on the honour roll) ever since I have started studying at my current school. I have studied french for almost three years now and am able to speak basic french. I am fluent in english and chinese. I could also speak basic malay as well. I don’t participate much in extracurriculars in my school but have done a lot of volunteering work so far. I’ve accumalated 62 hours of volunteering work this year and will be going on a voluteering trip to Cambodia to teach children for more than a week. I also have a job shadowing experience at a local clinic lined up in a few weeks. I might be able to get an internship if I am interested and have time to do so during the holidays. Even though I am not as involved in exracurriculars, I am a participant in my school’s Debate Team, History Team, Mandarin Club and People to People International Club (PTPI). I also play the piano, I’ve just recently started learning it and I am currently in the 3rd grade. I will also be preparing for the piano exam next year to complete 3rd grade. I’ve skipped 2nd grade for piano and only took the 1st grade, my score was considered a merit and was lacking only a few more marks to achieve distinction. I started playing the guitar since July as it was a requirement for my music class but I found it fun. I used to take ukulele lessons but I could still play it.

I’m not sure if where I’m from helps but I am from Malaysia and come from a upper middle class family. My family are not alumnus at any popular or exclusive colleges and such as well. I won’t say financial aid is necessary for me but I think it will strain my parents a bit. I want to be more independent and not rely on them too much seeing as how much they already paid for the school I am currently studying in. I have also skipped 6th grade and would like to know if that will affect my chances or cause any issues.

I’ve forgotten to mention that for the Canadian Education System, there are different levels to seperate a student’s grade, like level 1, 2, 3 and 4. Level 3 is where they expect you to be at and level 4 is surpassing the curriculum expectations. I am currently considered to be at level 4 for two consecutive years.

I don’t have much extracurriculars this year but I was the vice president of middle school student council last year and took on leadership roles in the classroom in 7th grade. I was also student of the month for two consecutive years as well.

If you can write a check for the $150k (US) tuition, you are in. Very very little financial aid.

@YYT123 Have you looked at Tasis in Lugano? It is much better academically and has Canadian students. You would get to be in Switzerland ( Italian speaking region) and still have exposure to true diversity ( many people from many places, though mainly all very very wealthy). They have the same types of travel trips that might be drawing you to Le Rosey but are more geared to education if you plan to return to North America as well as study in Europe.
You didn’t mention what year you are in. Many of these schools start very early (6th grade) and go through high school. You should also check out other schools.

@Happytimes2001 I’ve looked into Institut Le Rosey more and I’ve decided not to apply there. But I’m currently considering applying to Institut auf dem Rosenberg. Mainly because of their interesting extracurriculars that I believe will help me learn more on the occupation I want to pursue after graduating. (They have extraurriculars like Diplomacy & Leadership, Model UN or international law where you can learn more about it if you plan to pursue a career in law). I also plan on attending a school where they offer horseriding since it is a sport i’ve been participating for a while.

I’m about to graduate from 9th grade and I am a student in a Canadian School at Malaysia.

@YYT123 Most of these schools in Switzerland have strong language, international relations and law programs. Their core student body has many kids whose parents are diplomats or in international business and law-- so demand in these areas is high.