What Are My Chances Of Getting Into Deerfield Academy & Westminster School?

<p>I am applying to Deerfield Academy and Westminster School this coming year and was wondering my chances of getting in. I would appreciate somewhat more elaborate answers than "good" or "bad" and answers that pertain to my chances of being accepted at both schools rather than just one if possible. Help with other aspects of my education I may want to make known to these schools would be appreciated as well. Also, do I need more Recommendations? Can I use the same personal essay for both schools? Thank you!</p>

<p>Applying To:
Deerfield Academy, Deerfield, MA (13% Acceptance Rate)
Westminster School, Simsbury, CT (28% Acceptance Rate)
Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
Age: 14
Residing: New England
Financial Aid: No
Current Grade: 9th Grade, Freshman
Applying For: 9th Grade, Freshman</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA's:
6th-9th Grade Average-3.68</p>

<p>9th Grade Semester 1- 3.9</p>

<pre><code> 8th Grade Year- 3.49

<p>8th Grade Semester 2- 3.44
8th Grade Semester 1- 3.45</p>

<pre><code> 7th Grade Year- 3.7

<p>7th Grade Semester 2- 3.68
7th Grade Semester 1- 3.74</p>

<pre><code> 6th Grade Year- 3.63

<p>6th Grade Semester 2- 3.74
6th Grade Semester 1- N/A</p>

<p>Honors Courses:
9th- Honors Algebra 2
8th- Honors Geometry
Conceptual Physics
7th- Honors Algebra 1
Honors Introduction to Physical Science
6th- Honors Pre-Algebra
Honors Science</p>

<p>Current Classes:
English I
Honors Algebra 2
Latin I
Beginning Acting</p>

<p>SSAT Scores (In Chronological Order)(All Percentiles SSAT Percentile):
2010 (Both Formally Invalid For Applications Although Can Be Made Known)-
1. Verbal- 707 (76%)
Math- 773 (90%)
Reading- 710 (88%)
Total- 2190 (88%)
2. Verbal- 800 (99%)
Math- 779 (92%)
Reading- 731 (96%)
Total- 2310 (99%)
2011 (Formal For Application)-

7th Grade-
81st Percentile Out Of National Ranked College Applicants</p>

<p>IQ: 141 (99.7%)</p>

<p>College Classes:
Currently Taking A 200 Level Class At Connecticut College
Current Grade: B-</p>

I Have Personally Immersed Myself In-

<p>Johns Hopkins Center For The Talented Youth:
Attended Prestigious Program For 4 Years Taking 3 Week All Day Accelerated Courses In:

Student Council Treasurer
Eldest Sibling Of 7 & 8 Year Old Boy & Girl</p>

<p>Community Service:
Member Of Community Service Organization 5th-9th Grade
7th Grade Head Of Community Service
Local Soup Kitchen Volunteer
Involved In A Program Teaching Mentally Disabled Youth To Play Baseball
Involved In School-Wide Efforts Such As: Can Drives, Supplying Wells To African Villages, Raising Money For Unicef
Made & Delivered Mayday Baskets To Local Senior Citizen Homes With Several Classmates
Helped Set Up A School Music Festival
Arts & Crafts, Basketball, Games Etc. With Local Children After School Tuesdays
Interested In Getting Involved With The Local Big Brothers/Big Sisters Organization</p>

4 Plays Outside Of School (Crowd: 3 Small, 1 Big)
2 Plays In School (Crowd: Both Medium)
Year Long Beginning Acting Class</p>

Deerfield- 2300 Word Personal Essay, 522 Word Short Essay
Westminster- 2300 Word Personal Essay, 7 One Sentence Short Answers, 247 Word Short Essay</p>

English- Some Positive, Some Negative
Math- All Positive
Latin- All Positive</p>

Baseball- 8 years
Snowboarding- 5 years
Cross-Country Running- 1 year</p>

<p>Other Awards:
Recognition For High Scores On National Latin Test
Recognition For High Scores On National Physical Science Test
Recognition For High Scores On National Conceptual Physics Test
Poetry Recitation-
3rd Place Out Of About 180 Students
Top 10 Out Of About 180 Students</p>

<p>I Tend To Be A Very Well Spoken Interviewee, Can Bring A Positive Attitude To A Campus, And Not To Mention I'm Extremely Good Looking As Well As Very Modest (:</p>

<p>You'll probably get in to both of those. But have you considered other preps too?</p>

<p>You are in the wrong forum, and you need help with capitalization rules.</p>

I have considered other prep schools (Hotchkiss, Exeter, Pomfret, Taft), but have narrowed it down to two I would really be psyched to go to and that I think I have a somewhat good chance of getting into.</p>

I just capitalized everything. I didn't think it would really matter that much considering I made it generally easy to read. Also, I just posted in the first somewhat relevant forum I could find. I'm not that familiar with the set up of the site.</p>