What are my chances of getting into the following schools?

<p>Schools I am considering are: Harvard, Georgetown, Northwestern, BC, Villanova, UVA, UMich, UPenn</p>

<p>3.65 unweighted gpa at very competitive high school (no class ranks)
4.67 weighted gpa on 5 point scale
2000 SAT (680 math, 730 writing, 590 CR). I will retake it in Oct. Aiming for 2150+</p>


<p>Freshman Year
Varsity Ski Team
Freshman Baseball
JV Golf
Trumpet Lessons
Tiger Tips Leadership Club
BBTS Waterville Valley Ski Racing Program
Ski Club</p>

<p>Sophomore Year
Varsity Ski Team
JV Golf
JV Tennis
Prague Summer Program
Trumpet Lessons
Arabic Lessons
Ski Club
Trumpet Quartet Coached by Micha Grandel</p>

<p>Junior Year
Athletes Serving the Community
Rock Club
Jazz Band
Varsity Golf Team (States)
Trumpet Lessons
New England Conservatory Chamber Ensemble
TennisServes (teaches tennis to the blind)
Ski Club
Sailing Team
Thesis Kennedy Prize Nomination
1 Month Work experience in a Diner
Studied in China for a month in the summer</p>

<p>Also fluent in French.</p>