What are my chances of getting into the Naval Academy

<p>I'm a high school junior currently, and my number one choice for college is the United States Naval Academy. I want to go there extremely bad, and I'm wondering if my stats and everything else are good enough to get in. My GPA is 3.75, and a 93%. I don't know my ranking. I have taken 3 AP Classes so far, and will finish with 9 overall. All my other classes are gifted. My EC's are as follows
JV Baseball as freshman
FBLA (1 year)
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Honor Roll
Academic Letter
Beta Club
Varsity baseball
Varsity letterman
Scholar Athlete
Member of State Championship team
Beta Club
Younglife participant
Spanish Club
Silver Medal winner in National Spanish Exam
Mentor at Camp Creek Elementary school
Caring Tree volunteer
Spanish National Honor Society
Spanish club
Beta club
Chairman of Toys-for-Tots at Parkview High School
Adopt-a-Road Volunteer once a month
Mentor at Camp Creek Elementary
Caring Tree volunteer
Employee at Blushing Apple Inc.
Field Crew Volunteer for Football Team
YoungLife participant
Varsity Baseball
I also do lots of community service with my church. I realize my grades aren't that great, but I'm hoping they will see my desire to serve the United States and my desire to give back. I want to help this country and make a difference, and I hope the USNA sees that. What are my chances of getting in, based on the information above?</p>

<p>I forgot to add that my SAT score was 1810 out of 2400. That was the first time I had ever taken it, and I am planning to take it again in January. Also, I took the ACT recently but have not received my scores.</p>

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