What are my chances of getting into UF?

<p>I applied to UF for the fall. I have a 4.76 unweighted GPA and a 3.86 weighted GPA. I'm number 7 in my graduating class. I have earned 101 community services hours at a animal hosiptal, I did JV cheerleading my junior year, joined the Natioanl Honors society for half of my junior year, and was enrolled in a veterinary Acemedy my freshman and half of my sophomore year. I do dual enrollment, which means i go to college and high school at the same time. My junior year i was a full time college student and a high school student. I take all honors and 2 AP classes. I will graduate with 40 college credits. I have one major problem...my test score are beyond bad.
I got a 1440 on the SAT and a 20 on the ACT. I know they are really bad. However, i can't take them again in time for UF to accept them so they are as they stand.
I was wondering what my chances of getting acceppted are?</p>