What are my chances to pre-med @JHU Cornell NYU

<p>Hi I'm a junior currently in a nj high school. My GPA is 3.5 at the end of sophomore year. Freshman year I took all regular courses, last year, I took 3 honors courses, honors chemistry, honors us history I, and algebra ii honors, this year I am taking ap chem, physics I honors, usii honors, reg pre-calc, italian iii, and English iii. Next year I plan on taking ap physics c, ap bio, anatomy and physiology honors, ap us gov, italian iv, English iv. If I bump my gpa to a 3.8-3.9 by the end of this year, with an sat above 2000 and 4s and 5s on my ap exams, along with the sat2s in chem bio and physics. I am the first of my family to go to college so I take pride in this. For extra circulars I play lacrosse, run cross country, am in clubs, I volunteer in a hospital er, and am becoming an emt at my fire house. What are my chances for pre-med at Johns Hopkins, Cornell, NYU. If I don't stack up for these schools, which do you recommend, also I heard that Stevens institute of technology has a good record for sending kids to med school, is this true? If you could give me advise that would be greatly Valued. Thanks in advance! -Anthony</p>