What are my chances...

<p>of getting into a good out of state college, if I had mostly A's in most of my classes, but C's in math since freshmen year.
Even though I know it's better to get A's and B's on your transcript, I've never been good at math all my life. My mind just does not work logically and it takes me forever to process mathematical stuff, which is why I'm asking if that will severely affect my chances for admission. It pretty much killed my GPA...</p>

<p>If it helps, my school has a special magnet program that emphasizes math and science (which I am enrolled in), but I've always struggled a bit with it. My cousin said that colleges will see the rigor I went through because they know these kinds of programs are tough, but is that really true? </p>

<p>My UW GPA is a 3.5, but weighted it's a 4.3 because I took a LOT of honors/AP classes during high school.</p>