What are my chances?

<p>I will be applying to NYU early decision this week; please give me your thoughts on what my chances are.</p>

<p>I am a white male living in Minnesota that attends a large public high school.</p>

<p>GPA (unweighted): 3.43*
ACT: 31</p>

<li>I slacked off my entire sophomore year, taking no honors or AP classes and doing poorly in the general classes I took. At the end of that year, I had a GPA of 3.0. Then in my junior year I started actually working to my potential (I had been in the gifted programs since first grade because of my test scores). At the end of my junior year my GPA was 3.43, taking four AP and honors classes and doing well in them.</li>

<p>This year I'm taking four more AP classes as well as college psychology and other advanced classes. I know NYU looks at trends, so that should definitely help with my GPA.</p>

Editor/reporter for school paper
Creator of school paper's Web site
Close Up Washington, D.C., educational trip
Minnesota Boys State delegate
ACLU club</p>

<p>I have an aunt who attended NYU and will be writing me a recommendation.</p>

<p>NYU has been my top college since the summer before my junior year when I visited the campus with my brother. NYU was one of the main motivations that made me start trying in school, as evidenced by my junior year performance. I know I cannot change the past, but I certainly can -- and will -- change the future. I hope NYU looks at my whole application and sees my upward trend and the potential I have.</p>

<p>I think u might make gsp.</p>

<p>And u need sat 2's (they require 2 of them)</p>

<p>Im in the same ballpark as u.</p>

<p>cept im a junior
freshman year i got like a 3.3
last year i got like a 3.1
so i have a 3.2 right now till grades go in
and by the end of the year i should have a 3.4-3.45 uw and like a 3.6 w</p>

<p>i havent taken my ACT yet though which im expecting ove a 30.</p>

<p>i just did a practice test (in "the Real ACT Prep Guide").
well actually
i did english and science section so far (timed) and got a 35 on the science, and 30 on the english.
And math is my best subject.
and i have a huge upward trend too, and pretty decent ec's.</p>

<p>Which college are you looking to apply to?</p>

<p>i dunno bout scribner
but 4 me im gonna apply ed gallatin</p>

<p>I will be applying to NYU's College of Arts and Science.</p>

<p>NYU certainly does look at upward trends kindly, but standardized test scores have a lot of potential to highlight your application. (I'm not sure how good of an ACT score a 31 is, and I'm too lazy to look it up on a conversion table) I think you have a pretty good shot, but no promises of course. Good luck on your application!</p>

<p>i have a 3.3 gpa and didn't do great on my sat's, im taking the sat 2's in nov and dec. i ave pretty good extra curriculars, and i have been taking all college courses at a local community college for my whole senior year and oart of my junior. what do you think my chances are of getting into NYU?</p>

<p>slim mmw
very slim</p>

<p>wit ha 3.3 i would say u need at least a 1400 plus act
at least</p>

<p>BIGTWIX, unfortunately standardized test scores do not necessarily compensate for lower GPA's. Are you suggesting that someone with a perfect score is allowed to have a low GPA and still expect to get accepted to very selective schools? Not so.</p>

<p>Not exactly
and they cant completely at all

<p>Someone wit ha 3.45 and a 34 act might have just as good a chance as someone with a 3.55 and a 31, if their ec's and stuff were the same</p>

it can compensate a teeny bit</p>

<p>like if someone had a 3.3(actually, i should chnge my post)
theyde need great sat/act cuz withiut it they arebt a contender for admission compered to someon with significantly better gpa and good test scores...</p>

<p>Oh, and by the way, I will be applying as a journalism major. However, this is very likely to change once I'm actually at college. I love the English language (I read books on grammar and usage in my spare time -- really), and journalism is something I am highly interested in. But I have several other interests that I am thinking to pursue in college which could very likely become my major.</p>

<p>Is journalism a competitive major at NYU? Would I be better off applying to CAS with a different major?</p>