what are my chances?

<p>I am an adopted Hispanic-American living in Dallas, TX. I go to a medium-sized (about 2,000 students) public high school that is ranked among the best in the nation. I'm looking to see my chances for a few schools I'm applying to...</p>

<p>SAT: 670 M, 800 V, 670 W (This was for the first time I took the test. I recently tried again and am awaiting my score report. I'm shooting for above 700 on all sections)
SAT II: Taking Spanish, Literature, and Biology in November.
ACT: 34
GPA: 4.27 weighted
Rank: 30 out of 527</p>


<p>Biology- 5
World History- 5</p>


<p>Spanish Language- 4
Calculus AP- 5
Environmental Systems- 5
English Language- 5
US History- 5
Psychology- 4
Human Geography- 4</p>

<p>Senior Year Schedule-
Spanish Literature AP, Physics I AP, Statistics AP, English Literature AP, Economics AP, Computer Science AP, Art I</p>


<p>AP Scholar with Distinction
National AP Scholar
National Merit Semifinalist
National Honor Society Membership
Science National Honor Society
Spanish National Honor Society</p>


<p>Running Club Member (9-12)
(Sophomore Representative (10)
Junior Representative (11)
Senior Representative (12))</p>

<p>Science National Honor Society Member(11,12)
Science Fair Chair (12)</p>

<p>UIL Social Studies Team (11)</p>

<p>Literary Festival Board Member (12)</p>

<p>Youth Council at my church (10,11,12)</p>

<p>Youth Choir (12)</p>

<p>Track and Field Team (9,10,11,12)</p>

<p>Literary Magazine (not school-based)
Executive Editor- Literature (11)
Section Editor- Happenings (12)</p>

<p>Community Service/Mission Work (my passion)</p>

<p>Youth Mission Trips with my church
Metro Atlanta Project, Atlanta, GA (Junior Counselor) (9)
Summer Hurricane Recovery Trip, Daytona, FL (10)
Spring Break Mission, Juarez, Mexico (10)
Summer Hurricane Recovery Trip, Orange, Texas (11)
Spring Break Mission, Juarez, Mexico (11)
Summer Juntos Servimos Trip, Matamoros, Mexico (12)
Summer Mission, San Juan, Costa Rica (12)
Fall Juntos Servimos Trip, Matamoros, Mexico (12)</p>

<p>Weekly Local Service with my church (9-12)
Serving at the soup kitchen
Playing bingo at home for low income elderly
Collection of school supplies for low income families
feeding the homeless</p>

<p>Work Experience:</p>

<p>tutoring in Math and Spanish
clerical work at my father's architectural firm</p>


<p>University of Virginia
Washington University in St. Louis
College of William & Mary
Duke University

<p>dont retake SAT</p>

<p>youre ACT is great enough</p>

<p>id say in at all, with maybe SLIGHT difficulty at princeton and upenn</p>

<p>consdering your excellence in ECs and academics and your URM</p>

<p>I already retook it. My math score on ACT was low compared to my other section scores so I wanted to see if I could do better on SAT if I tried again. </p>

<p>Also, how do I go about submitting my resume to colleges? If I'm using the Common App, can I just attach it in the "Additional Info" section? I'm finding the grid to be very limiting.</p>

<p>Instead of submitting online, get a hard copy of the application. Then submit the information on extracurriculars as an attachment. </p>

<p>You'll have to fill the form out once for each school, but you can just copy the information over from one form to the other.</p>

<p>I'd submit both the ACT and SAT scores--that 800V is very impressive and needs to be seen--especially at Princeton--where they don't get many people with all your volunteer service in Mexico and with a perfect score on the verbal portion of the SAT.</p>

<p>Princeton and Penn will be tough--as they are for everyone, but your credentials are not too bad, although your rank is probably too low. I'm thinking the great ECs might get you into Penn, but will probably not overcome your rank enough to get you into Princeton.</p>

<p>You should have no problem getting into the other schools on your list.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>I haven't been on here in while. I ended up improving my Math SAT score to 800 and my Writing to 680, giving me 1600/1600 or 2280/2400 (both composite scores).</p>

<p>Here's where I ended up applying:</p>

UT Austin
U Washington
William & Mary
WashU in St. Louis</p>

<p>Chances for these schools, anyone? My top 3 are UVA, W&M, and WashU. </p>

<p>Also, I applied for the Annika Rodriguez Scholars Program at WashU. Can anyone give me some details on it, as far as acceptance goes?</p>

<p>Everything looks as good as it will probably get. ESPECIALLY because you are hispanic. I think you will get into most of these schools and most likely your top choices. Relax and don't sweat it. Your going to get into an amazing school. Good Luck!</p>

<p>Oh don't worry- no sweat here. I can honestly say that I would be happy at any of those schools, except maybe UT. Its always nice to hear what others have to say, though.</p>

<p>In everywhere. Yes even Princeton (great courseload + ECs, plus scores > low rank). Your rank might still keep you out of Princeton but I doubt it. </p>

<p>Good luck =)</p>

<p>First I want to say that, I would really appreciate it if anyone could do this for me =]</p>

<p>I have a general idea of where I will get in and where I won't, but it's still a bit unclear... Just wanted to see how opinions differ... </p>

<p>Background: International applicant. Please keep in mind that for int'l students, applying for aid affects our admission... quite stroungly I would say.</p>

<p>SATI (highest scores respectively):
Math 800
CR 670
WR 670</p>

<p>SAT II:
Math IIC 800
Physics 800
Literature 740 (dont kno how I got that but i'm happy)</p>

Reading 29/30
Listening 28/30
Speaking 29/30
Writing 30/30
Composite 116/120 (in case u dont kno the context, it's really really high. Up til now, the highest score in China has been 119)</p>

<p>GPA: 92 out of 100 unweighted (there is no weighted GPA and highest GPA in class is 96)
Rank: 12 out of 253</p>

School doesn't offer</p>

Most rigorous</p>

Branch school of a top school in all of China that traditionally sends out seniors to the most prestigious colleges in the US including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Williams, Wellesley, Middlebury ect ect... (most of the good schools that u can think of)</p>

National 3rd place & JS Province Regional 1st in CCTV Outlook English Talent Competition
(broadcasted on CCTV during summers 05 & 06);
First Prize of Nantional English Proficiecy Contest for Secondary Students;
Second Prize in Jiangsu Applied Competition in Information Technology Olympics;
Best Student of Jiangsu Province (only one at school);
Best Student of Nanjing;
First Prize in Nanjing Oral TV Competition;
Best Student Leader of Nanjing Foreign Language Sch, Xianlin BR;
Best Student in Academics of Nanjing Foreign Language Sch, Xialin BR;
First Place in the 5th Annual Speech Contest of NFLS, Xianlin Br;
Fifth Place in Girls' 1500M of Nanjing Track and Field Competition for High School Students;
Champion of 1500M & 800M in District Sportsmeeting for Secondary Students (for 3 years);
Best Student Athelet of NFLS, Xianlin BR;
Champion and record holder in Girls’ 1500M, 800M, 400M, 4x100M of NFLS, Xianlin BR;
Level 10 (top) Certification of Piano approved by Jiangsu Musicians' Association;
"Superior" rating for Flute in Commencement Bay Solo Contest;
(Have performed with both instruments in churches, recitals, senior citizen homes, and band contests)</p>

Hostess of five School Annual Talent Shows;
Hostess of 2007 School Debate;
[Director of Literature Association] 9-12
(received the title “Excellent Student Group of Jiangsu Province”);
[Deputy Director in Student Government] 9-11
[President & Founder of Dance Club] 11,12
[President of Drama Club] 10,11
[Vice President of Media Club] 11,12
[Captain of Track Team] 9-12
14 years of piano (contests, recitals at church, during community service)
6 years of flute (I was first chair flutist at our school's Concert Band when I was in the US)
Jazz Band & Concert Band (performed in lots of different place, participated in contests and ect...)
Note: I sent an Arts Supplement to every school that still accepted it at the time I applied, including a CD recording of 3 songs played on piano.
Red Cross
Fundraisers for unschooled children
City Employment Research
Community services</p>

<p>Work Experience:
One summer at Nanjing Museum (1 of the 3 largest in China) as a guide
One summer at an english post (with a wide circulation in China) main office as an editor and reporter</p>

3 years in the US</p>

All recommendations were really really really the best i can ever wish for.</p>

Ranging from really really good to pretty good, depending on the specific essay that I used.
Short Activity - one was about basketball, the other about museum guide experience (over coming biases/difficulty in memorizing facts and delivering them well)
Long PS - my experience in the US and how it has formed me and my beliefs; overcoming fear in a TV contest and how I've changed; other Why <em>some college</em> essays that I think I've made pretty personal (r u supposed to do that??)
Overall I'm pretty sure my essays were great in both content and language. Thanks to some really great ppl who helped me out =]</p>

<p>Schools ("FA" indicates that I'm applying for aid to the institution, so please consider that a deterrent in my admission process...):</p>

<p>Harvard (FA.. and...ignore me please.... just wanted to try my luck =] )
Princeton (same as above~)
Yale (i kno...everybody's doin it!!! urrrgggg...well since it's need-blind...)
Columbia (too competitive for me to ask for any...)
Brown (FA)
U.Va (cheaper anyway)
BC (doesn't have FA for int'l students)
Wellesley (FA)
Vassar (FA)
Smith (FA)
Colgate (FA)</p>

<p>So now... say wutever you want...chance me... Even if it would make me feel bad I'd want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth... =]</p>

<p>A big big thx to everyone who can do this for me!!! THX!!</p>

<p>oh oops... i think i clicked the wrong button....SORRY!!!</p>

<p>Oh and by the way...even tho i'm probably no one to judge u... i'd say ur gonna be fine with everything =] good luck</p>

<p>You will be accepted to both William and Mary and UVA, no sweat.</p>

<p>Best of luck!</p>

<p>Walnutmuncher you are out of your fri&^%n mind! So totally misinformed and please, for God's sake tell us which college actually hired your lame buttocks..................Oh both of you, come back on and prove it to this daft soul that you did in fact get admitted to several if not all of the schools on your list. </p>

<p>Walnutmuncher...............quit misrepresenting yourself. So incredibly obvious. Your momma is callling you for dinner.............and guess what? It's chicken nuggets!!!</p>

<p>to walnutmuncher:</p>

<p>I will let you know how I fare!</p>

<p>Walnutmuncher what you are saying is incredible. You may be right but it is most difficult thing to believe that applicants can be denied admission because they are overqualified. If you know the reason behind the mysterious behavior of the adcoms I am curious to know.</p>

<p>I wouldn't give credit to any of what walnutmuncher said. He/she was just a troll it seems.</p>

<p>By a flippin mile.............by a mile............every single college, every one.........wants to see their admitted Freshman graduate. That folks, is the absolute bottom line..........yeah, they can put some fluff on it and put a cherry on top but colleges are all about the bottom line.......money and reputation...........in that order. Anyone who comes on here and thinks different is not thinking straight. So.............good grades, good SAT scores, challenging curriculum...........it all equals good school work ethic and guess what???? Those hard working students have the potential to graduate if admitted. Wake up buttmuncher! </p>

<p>Oh, the new happy meal toy has changed so when you get home............come one and read the facts.</p>

<p>Admission Update:</p>

<p>I got a "likely" letter from UNC today!</p>

<p>Thought I'd come back and post where I stand...</p>


William & Mary (Monroe scholar and full in-state tuition!)
WashU (Annika Rodriguez Scholar finalist)