What are my chances?

<p>I am going into gr. 11 in Alberta, Canada, and I wish to go to one of the ivy league schools (especially Harvard, Princeton, Yale) or MIT, MIT being my first choice.</p>

<p>I've never taken SATs or anything before, so I know it'd be hard to tell me accurately about my chances to these schools, but I just want to know if I am on the right track.</p>

<p>Well, some trivial information about me. I am an international student, meaning I am not a landed immigrant here. I came here from South Korea in November 2000. </p>

<p>These are my "stats". (Reasons why I am stating whether my marks were the highest or not is so that you know the level of the schools I attended/am attending)</p>

<p>Gr. 9 (junior high)
* Academics * (honours classes)
English: 96 (highest in the grade)
Social: 96 (highest in the grade)
Math: 100 (highest in the grade)
Science: 99 (highest in the grade)
Music: 95 (highest in the grade)
Art: 97 (highest in the grade)
Religion/Health: 99
Gym: 86 (highest mark in the grade was 87)</p>

<p>Rank: 1/ about 200 ...not too sure</p>

<li><p>Extra-curricular *
School honour band
School jazz band
School basketball team
Science Olympics team
AC classes (Academic Challenge classes, in which students who were in top 98% percentile on a standardized test did independent studies....but the classes were really a joke, cuz it was so poorly organized)
Invited to Regional Math Camp at the University of Alberta (August 2004)</p></li>
<li><p>Awards *
6 school awards, but i don't think they are worth mentioning individually since universities probably don't care about school awards.
2nd place overall in Edmonton Junior High Math Contest
2nd place overall in city science olympics team.
4th place in North America in Kumon Math Challenge</p></li>

<p>In the summer, I had to take French 10 because my high school requires that students take French. I tried to take French in junior high, they thought since I had been in Canada for only one year, I couldn't handle a third language. Oh, I got 96 in summer school, which was the highest mark in the class.</p>

<p>Gr. 10 (High School)
- Some facts about my high school: Old Scona Academic High School
+ It is an IB school
+ It is ranked #1 in Alberta, and one of the top schools in Canada. Also I hear rumors that it is #7 IB school in North America. Considering that our school IB average is around 5.4, I believe it.
+ We have to write an entrance exam and get teacher rec to get into the school.
+ Unfortunately, it is only academically inclined and is very poor in extracurricular activities. There are very few clubs, and most are dead. Our sports team is not good at all, because the school is full of nerds. </p>

<li>Academics *
English 80 (my english teacher is notorious for giving really low marks...the highest mark in our grade who had her as the teacher got 81, so yeah... Most people got 70s)</li>

<p>Social 88 (Social is my worst subject, compared to other students. But I think I can do better next year, since all tests next year will be essays and I generally do better on essay exams)</p>

<p>Science 10: 95 (highest mark in the grade)
Math 20: 100 (highest mark in the grade. Math 20 is like gr. 11 math. In our school, many students come from some academic junior high, where they learn gr. 10 stuff in gr. 9. Unfortunately I didn't go this school, but I got lucky enough to get into Math 20 without taking math 10)</p>

<p>French 20: 96 (highest mark in the grade)
Art 10: 97
Instrumental Music 10: 92
Biology 15B: 96 (highest mark in the grade)
Chemistry 25B: 98 (highest mark in the grade)
Career & Life Management: 97
Debate: 96
Physical Education 10: 90</p>

<p>Rank: either 1 or 2 / 100 students</p>

<li><p>ECs *
Debate club
School basketball team
Math club (becoming president next year)
School drama production orchestra
Science Olympics
Volunteering at Canadian Blood Services</p></li>
<li><p>Awards *
5 school subject awards
Alberta High School Math Competition (Top 50, which qualified me for part 2)
Canadian Open Mathematics Competition (Top 25%)
Gr. 12 Euclid Math Competition (Top 25%)
Gr. 11 Fermat Math Competition (Silver Medal)
Gr. 11 Hypatia math competition (Top 25%)
Michael Smith Challenge (1st in Alberta)
Science Olympics (2nd in city)</p></li>

<p>I know that my extracurriculars are really weak. I slacked off a lot, doing nothing in my free time, and I am going to start joining more clubs and taking more leadership roles. Also, I am planning to apply for Li Po Chun United World College. If I get in, I will have one more year of high school there, and I will have more opportunities to do more volunteering and extracurricular activities. I am trying to do better on competitions and maybe win some awards nationally, but I don't know how the results will turn out.</p>

<p>Thanks so much!! =)</p>

<p><em>coughs</em> It looks nice. Although I am not too sure how the Canadian system works, from what I see you have a pretty decent chance. But, you still need to take some form of a standardized testing... either SAT I or the ACTs. If you do really well, I'd say 2100+ , then I would be surprised if they didn't let you in... Actually I wouldn't be, with the way Ivys tend to work... but with an SAT score like that, you would have a very strong chance thinks I.</p>

<p>Some posts are so painful. A 2100 would give you a good chance at an ivy? Read the books again.</p>

<p>Oh suze. Always so truthful and direct.</p>

<p>Suze is right to a certain extent. If you want to land yourself in the average ranges for the schools you want to attend, shoot for 2200+, although if you don't make it, it's not the end of the world.</p>

<p>To basically repeat what everyone on this site has said two or three times, your SAT scores, GPA, AP/IBs, what have you, they essentially get you half the way there. The other half is in what kind of person you show yourself to be in the app. If the college is looking for someone like the app describes, then you may be in luck.</p>

<p>Above all, APPLY.</p>

<p>Please read my post again.</p>

<p>With his extra curricular activities (which as you can tell aren't light), as well as his ranking in his class, he at the very least stands a decent chance. If he were to get a 700, that would make him at least eligable, but like I said (which you, Suze, failed to notice), is that even then it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't accept him either. </p>

<p>Next time, instead of insulting the last person's help, how about providing advice yourself. Glad to meet such kind people on this forum.</p>

<p>Yes rock and roll. And it's because I disagree with your apply theory. I think the top schools abuse us by letting so many think they have a chance just to turn around and reject them to proclaim they are tops. Really, if only people who had a serious chance applied, the whole process would be much more sane.</p>

<p>To the OP: You can look at in two ways. </p>

<p>One is like this: As Jack Johnson says, "Don't let your Dreams be Dreams". If you sincerely feel like these places would be your dream, apply to them. Because even if a school has a 91%, if you don't apply, you'll never know if you would've been in the 9% that got in. Don't shortchange yourself. Be confident of your abilities on the app and put together a solid application.</p>

<p>Shifting the lens to Camera 2. That said, know that when you submit the application it is a reach. For the schools that you've mentioned are reaches for just about everybody. The statistics are daunting. For instance, for me to say that you had a better than average chance I could simply say that there was an 80% chance of rejection.</p>

<p>I agree w/suze in that many of these schools at the top encourage students who don't fit the profile of the school to apply, but don't let that discourage you. Read the college info. If you think you've got a legit shot, and love the school: apply.</p>

<p>I've read some of the threads that other people put up, asking their chances. Most people's stats were really impressive and I was getting worried that I might not stand a chance in getting into one of the top schools. But some of you encouraged me a lot, and I really appreciate it :) Good luck to everyone!</p>

<p>I don't know if childhood really matters in university admission...but I was a child actor on TV in Korea for about 7 years (4~11), and I have A LOT of videos recorded. I was on several commercials, many TV shows (mostly youth TV shows tho), and some videos.</p>

<p>Also, for now, I tutor my friend all courses that she wants to be tutored (just one person tho), and I work at Canadian Tire part time for the summer.</p>

<p>Just wondering if that would increase my chances at all =P</p>

<p>Tooya, if you're looking for new friends, there are much better venues. If someone posts a question on a site like this, a direct and honest answer is appropriate. It just kills me how few are willing to be honest. The need to be nice, even when people pose a serious question, seems to overtake most people.</p>

<p>There's a difference between honesty and bludgeoning. And to be honest, this thread should focus on coolness_rookie, not on battles of pride.</p>

<p>coolness_rookie, I am highly impressed with your thoroughness in laying everything out. As an international student, the criteria for your application will probably be different from those in the U.S., and your hard work and dedication will portray you as precisely the type good schools will want. The world does not revolve around SATs, and as you have proved yourself in other areas, I truly think you should go for it (I'm not just 'being nice').</p>

<p>I'm sorry, but your childhood acting career won't mean much unless you use it in an essay. It's very cool, but unless you want to go into acting (Yale has an excellent Drama department), it won't increase your chances. Tutoring your friend is noble, and working over the summer builds character, but that won't make or break you.</p>

<p>Wow, South Korea. I know international admissions are highly competative, but you might actually work that to your advantage. I must be honest and say I didn't read through all of your information, but what I saw was impressive enough. I hope you get that scholarship, and good luck with MIT!</p>


<p>What do you think my chances are? I can kind of see that you believe that ivies and MIT would obviously be reaches, but I want to hear a direct answer from you =)</p>

<p>And can I ask what university you attend (if you are in university that is)? If not, can I ask your stats and how things have turned out for you? Im assuming that you are a successful student who has gotten into an ivy school.</p>

<p>haha im glad you said that sue. im not sure if you have seen my thread before, but would you minding evaluating me truthfully?</p>

<p>As for me, I am top 5% at a VERY competitive NE prep, 2360, RSI grad and I'm a URM. I know I have a good shot but I also know I am still 50/50 at best at the very top schools. My first choice is Dartmouth and I'm also applying to H and Y, Duke, Williams and Middlebury (plus a state safety).</p>

<p>Coolness, without SATs, it's really hard to say. If you get the 2250 plus, clearly you would stand a strong chance at anything below HYPMS. While you have some nice ECs, nothing jumps out as truly exceptional. If the Kumon national award really means you have exceptional math skills, then apply to RSI and other top science programs for next summer, that will really help you.</p>

<p>Cash, I looked up your post and if I'm remembering all of your schools, I think you're into all but Stanford and Columbia. You have an average shot at those. You're a val with safely above average score for all the schools, just what schools like WUSL love. I'd probably go to JHU with your stats and interests.</p>

<p>The problem is that Canada is not well-developed in terms of national programs. We have some national competitions though, and would doing well on the national competitions help me a lot? (by doing well, I mean getting some sort of an award, :P)</p>

<p>Also, as I briefly mentioned in my post, I am going to apply for Li Po Chun United World College. I believe that I have a strong chance in getting accepted, and I am wondering if attending a United World College would help me in admission process. Of course, even if it doesn't, I am still going to apply since uwc seems like a wonderful experience.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot! :)</p>

<p>The United World College kids on this board don't seem to have had an edge in college admissions. I would really suggest in you want a top American college that you pursue a top American opportunity like RSI next summer.</p>


<p>any more inputs? thanks a lot everyone =)</p>

<p>If it makes you feel better, I feel bad every time I see your list. You're taking my spot! :)</p>

<p>Heh...I just guess I am new to this whole website,,,and I am just a temporarily paranoid student who is overly eager to find out about his chances when he doesn't even have his SAT scores yet i guess......</p>

<p>I saw your list! You have a WAY BETTER chance than I do! jeez don't be so humble tkm ;)</p>