What are my changes for the following:

<p>New York University
Rochester Institute of Technology
Pace University
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
State University of New York Institute of Technology
Polytechnic University of New York
Syracuse University</p>

<p>Status: High School Junior
GPA: 3.9 UW | ~4.4 W
SAT/ACT: Have not taken yet
Honors: ALL- World History; Integrated Science 1, 2, 3; American History; Algebra I; Geometry; Algebra II; Economics
AP: Lang (taking Lit next year)
EC: none- plan on getting a job over the summer and volunteering
please do not mention that I need more EC.. I am unable to
Intended Major: Accounting</p>

<p>ALSO: Which University do you think is best all around?</p>

<p>I see so many posts on here with excellent scores and classes, and I am considering if I am even good for any major college? Everyone with all APs who don't even get accepted into their top schools. I am extremely nervous- I want to be successful.</p>

<p>get an EC, any EC really and I think you'll be fine. I got a copy of the acceptances/rejections from my school and basically you're on par with everyone who got accepted at those schools from mine, as long as your SAT scores are pretty good and you get SOMETHING to put down in the EC section!</p>

<p>Well, NYU is the best if you like NYC and being in a school with no big school spirit where there's a bigger percent of girls than guys (60:40) =)</p>

<p>well if you don't know how to spell CHANCES, then you probably won't get in anywhere.</p>

<p>*Your thread is called "What are my changes for the following"</p>

<p>honestly, so many people on this website are so hyper competitive and cruel....</p>

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<p>You get what I am saying though, that is all that matters.
Now, you can answer my question if you wish.</p>

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<p>irbafh -That wasn't a good comeback, either.</p>

<p>At the same time, I honestly laughed when youmentioned the spelling.</p>

<p>But everyone makes mistakes.</p>

<p>Jess, grades and everything are honestly good. You should be able to get into NYU normally, although Stern might be a slight reach.</p>

<p>That might not help without ECs, though. I realize you've said you can't, which means you must not have enough time, they simply don't exist, or some other valid personal reason.</p>

<p>But maybe you could start one? It'd also show initiative, and you'd be able to prove whatever your interests are. It's hard to admit someone when all you can see is a test score.</p>

<p>That said, NYU is pretty nice. And I love Syracuse.</p>