What are my odds with a 2.3 GPA, 1600 SAT

<p>Hi, thanks in advance for reading this, I'm a senior in a catholic high school and really I am stressing about applying to colleges. I have a 2.3 GPA (77 Average) 1600 on the SAT but plan to retake it this month. I'm kind of hoping extracurriculars will boost me a bit; I started an anti-bullying fashion club in my school, Vice President of three other clubs, and visited the United Nations on behalf of my school for Human Trafficking. I know it's not a lot and I don't really stand out but I was wondering if anyone knows any colleges that will take this? ANd please don't say community college for 2 years then transfer out.
I live in NY</p>

<p>So far I've applied to:</p>

<p>Mount St. Mary College
Mount St. Vincent College
University of Vermont (I'm very close to a teach who went to college with one of the admission councilors here, the admission councilor told me he'd keep an eye out for my application, still a reach though.)
SUNY Albany
College of Westchester
Pace University
Buffalo State University</p>

<p>I say you could get into Buffalo state, St. mary, St. vincent and possible Pace… Not sure about other ones. apply to more. What about New England College? I know they take in anyone. Also, CUNY CSI and City tech and Brooklyn college could take you. Gooodluck :)</p>

<p>I know the SUNYs are really rough in their conversion from percentage to GPA. When two ratings are issued, the better rating is assigned to a GPA of 2.7.</p>

<p>U Buffalo: Reach
Pace: Low match/Match
Buffalo State: High match
Mt. St. Mary: Match
Mt. St. Vincent: Low match
UVT: High match</p>