What are Part Ones?

<p>I was recently told that I should submit my "Part Ones" early so that the schools that I am applying to can create a file for me.</p>

<p>What's a Part One? =D</p>

<p>And is there one on the Common App, because I'm pretty sure that you have to submit all of the Common App at once.</p>

<p>The common app doesnt have a part 1, but it does have the main part, and the suppliments. Some schools want them all together, others do not care. I think it gives this info on the page where it lists your schools.</p>

<p>MIT is an example of an application with a Part 1. Part 1 was easy to fill out. Just basic bio info. Nothing to really think about, or likely to change. Part 2 is the section that my son will have to spend a lot of time thinking about and getting right. So, sending Part 1 just puts the school on notice to expect your full application, refs, transcripts, SAT scores, etc.</p>